22 September 2010

Muladhara Chakra

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Muladhara chakra

Also known as the base, or root, chakra. Most people don't want to be active here, we all seem to want to be heart or 3rd eye people, but any spiritual activity at muladhara is true spiritual evolvement, for most of us it's the start of our spiritual journey. We need muladhara, it controls many unconscious and automatic body functions, when it's activated, rejuvenation starts, no doubt that's why so many spiritual yoga teachers look so young. If energy left this chakra, we would not be able to function, we wouldn't know if we had eaten, slept, urinated etc.

21 September 2010


Chakras are levels of energy and conscious. They are found in the auric (energy) field surrounding the body, at each end of the spine and also in the spine.......but, most importantly, in the brain, corresponding to areas of mind. Each is associated with a lotus (like a waterlily), gland, plexus (eg solar plexus), tendencies, personal power.