21 September 2010


Chakras are levels of energy and conscious. They are found in the auric (energy) field surrounding the body, at each end of the spine and also in the spine.......but, most importantly, in the brain, corresponding to areas of mind. Each is associated with a lotus (like a waterlily), gland, plexus (eg solar plexus), tendencies, personal power.

In the aura you can see them as balls, or clouds of colour, emanating away from the body, and also as little 'tornado' shapes. Each chakra tornado has a centre which is the consciousness of that chakra. Between the centre circle and the outside circular edge of the tornado, are more tornados.....if a chakra has, say, 4 petals to its lotus, then the tornado has 4 tornados between centre and outside edge. Each of these mini tornados moves individually: 1 will go clockwise, the next anticlockwise, and so on....these are to do with the energy aspect. And, the whole tornado spins too. When the chakra is 'jammed' it gets gunk in the tornados, and they stop spinning. They can be cleaned out by a healer and made to spin again....a lot of healers do this.

What you see in the aura is different to what you see/experience on the spiritual levels. All of the chakras are life changing...they reveal the inner beauty that each of us has hidden, they give each of us a spiritual gift...in yoga these gifts are called siddhis. One person may suddenly become a healer, another a poet, or an orator, a musican, etc. This gift will be inherent, but also 'sleeping'. Chakra awakenings will manifest it.

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