22 September 2010

Muladhara Chakra

Also known as the base, or root, chakra. Most people don't want to be active here, we all seem to want to be heart or 3rd eye people, but any spiritual activity at muladhara is true spiritual evolvement, for most of us it's the start of our spiritual journey. We need muladhara, it controls many unconscious and automatic body functions, when it's activated, rejuvenation starts, no doubt that's why so many spiritual yoga teachers look so young. If energy left this chakra, we would not be able to function, we wouldn't know if we had eaten, slept, urinated etc.
It's very important to have strong energy here. Energy here in the aura comes up between the legs into the perineum (men)/near the opening of the cervix (women), with 4 red petals, the karma for this lifetime being contained within 1 of the petals......and this can be found quite easily. Being between the legs, the yoga deep squats and warriors stimulate this chakra, and generally we need to keep our legs moving to keep the auric part of it spinning! We need to walk, run, etc!! Our instinctive drives are found in muladhara: and unconscious behaviour...usually reactive. Like the difficult reactive behaviours of tantrums, rage, crying, bad behaviours which which we do not seem to be able to control; they happen quickly and can cause destruction in our lives.

We need to keep our muladhara energy "up' so that our destructive responses are minimised. When the energy here is blocked, not moving, that is when we are reactive. Trigger point for muladhara is the nosetip (round end of nose), which contains many nerve endings; this point induces bliss, with an exquisite bliss inducing smell. Inside the centre (circle), is a yellow square. There is also a beautiful little snake, red or sometimes green, and something which looks like a pimple. There is a secret regarding these two which I'll tell you about next week.

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