30 November 2012

More about Mooladhara Chakra

In the aura, and also within the Inner Realms, one can come to realise that this is the chakra which dictates, & reveals, how we are 'walking' through life, our physical stance, attitude, what we see/don't see, on our journey. Usually we are really unaware of how these aspects are truly manifesting, as we are dealing here with unconscious behaviour, meaning that we are unconscious of the drives and hidden causes of that behaviour. And, this makes some serious unconscious destructive behaviours and responses, difficult to manage. Mooladhara  houses our instinctive responses and they manifest physically, ie behaviour.

Easy practices for Mooladhara Chakra

You can add a couple of asanas to your daily practice:

Wide-legged standing forward bend. Hold for 10-20 seconds with eyes 1/2 closed and gaze gently at the nose tip. This posture done this way will energise mooladhara. When mooladhara energy is lifted, we are happier. This pose helps with rejuvenation of the physical body, which mooladhara is very much responsible for.