9 February 2013

Biography...and how I came to enter the realms of the chakras

In the early 1970s I had a debilitating muscle/organ problem, and in desperation I tried 'keep fit' to help correct it....hated it. My mother, a very intuitive woman, suggested I went to yoga. Neither of us knew what yoga was, but off I trotted.

Stood in the doorway of a hall, and felt that whatever yoga was, this was 'it' for life. And so it has been. Lucky for me, the teacher, Swami Karmayogi Saraswati was a western swami (whatever that was!!), who taught asanas, pranayamas, yoga nidra, kriyas. It was most fortunate to meet and learn from him. At the end of that first year, I had my first chakra experience, but of course didn't know what it all meant, nor did I realise what had actually happened, but, I was acutely aware that I was never the same after. Nor were the people close to me.

Chakra power for achieving goals

At the start of a new year, we often set up goals...which often don't manifest. We tend to use "should do", 'determination', or 'want' to decide our goals, and none of these have staying power, because they are not in alignment with our destiny, nor with how our psyche actually works.