6 February 2014

Silence is Golden

This was posted recently on facebook:

1. A closed mouth gathers no feet.
2. Never miss a good chance to shut up.
3. Generally speaking, you aren't learning much if your lips are moving.
One of the best ways to conserve our energy, our life-force, prana is to ..... keep quiet. The very 1st satsanga I ever heard from an Indian Guru, decades ago, included some sage advice: 'don't talk too much'; 'too much talking depletes the prana'; 'one of the reasons that people's organs droop as they get older is from losing prana from too much talking'.

Of course we have the need to talk. It's a major form of communication, & sometimes the words & laughter bubble out of us, especially when we share with a dear friend or family member. Sometimes we need to talk with someone to 'get the words out', 'get things off our chest' or help sort out our problems in our heart & mind........ because in this instance we need to 'come out more', not be so imploded. When our problems are always turned inwards...it's not such a healthy way to be. Which is not to be confused with a quiet calmness.

Quiet calmness, that is, inner calmness, is a boon, a blessing, & some of us are just born that way. But for most of us, we would have to learn this art. And, learning how to stop babbling is part of it. How can we do this?? Force quietness? Fight with the inner tendencies & deliberately not talk....? Yoga advises against fighting with the mind as it causes tension & more problems. In Yoga we are advised to make friends of the mind.  One may wonder, how can I be friends with my mind when I'm full of all these horrid thoughts & overwhelming feelings? 

Have outlets for these thoughts & feelings. Go for a walk or do some physical work. Let the thoughts, the feelings...whether they're nice' or not, let them arise to the surface, & just keep going with the physical aspects. Dig, scrub, pull weeds, hammer....whatever! Learn how to do this & you will notice that you feel calmer after. Because, & this is vitally important, you will have allowed these thoughts & feelings to 'express' themselves, you have gotten them out without obsessing about them. And, in this way, we can have much emotional relief. In yoga we call it Karma Yoga, or Yoga in Action, where we just do what we do without expectation, with awareness, & it's one of the major ways to purify, or cleanse, the mind. And, frequently overlooked as a wonderful Yogic Path.
Similar is Seva. When we do Seva, we are doing something, selflessly, for others, ideally with love, without expectation. Our overwhelming feelings, our emotions can be transformed into a more beneficial expression of love...it does come, with Seva. If you are disturbed by something within yourself, or within society...do something about it! Rather than introverting & getting overly emotional. Volunteer your time & clean out animal cages at the pound, go to a rest home & ask if anyone needs some family or friends...& donate your time & caring. You get the idea!! There are lots of similar outlets that you can choose, the main thing is that you are serving someone/s, something/s other than yourself. Keep doing it. Your heart will unfold & more profound enriching emotions will start to predominate. And, you won't want to be around situations or people that have caused these difficult feelings & thoughts inside you.

When we do things such as Karma Yoga & Seva, an inner peace will start to arise. You can have this peace too. These are 2 very important Yoga tools, often unused. But when you do use them, they will transform your life. You won't be so prone to talk needlessly, & you won't be so prone to implode with your thoughts & feelings. You will get happier.