26 June 2015

moola/original; dhara/current

mooladhara/original current. Original current, abode of the mighty kundalini energy.

 Kundalini is our own inherent energy, inherent because it's within & because it is destined to be part of us. It is our own (hidden) source, of our original, spiritual, energy. Kundalini is symbolised by a white snake, & this is exactly what she does look like...a beautiful, female, white snake. She sleeps at mooladhara, waiting to be awoken. And then when the kundalini has awakened, & also travelled up the spine into the head, a current simultaneously goes up our spiritual spine & is established there as a live current emanating up from mooladhara. Like an electrical current.

Any activity from mooladhara chakra is profoundly spiritual. This chakra is the gateway to bliss, & the awakening of our own inherent spiritual knowledge. It is where we start to walk in spirituality. The majesty of this chakra should never be underestimated. It makes us more.....more of ourselves.

It has a "trigger point": the nose tip, above the nostrils. Nose tip gazing is one of the main stimulation techniques for this chakra, & not only does nose tip gazing stimulate the energy there, it also correspondingly calms the mental aspects, the deep seated trauma from this life & preceding lives. And this is where the security aspect of mooladhara comes into play, for security is one of our needs, security within ourselves, about ourselves, & mooladhara is associated with security. Even on a very simple level, nosetip gazing promotes feeling secure, by calming our brain wave patterns, thereby simultaneously soothing "unknown" trauma stored in this chakra.

 Often, these hidden trauma memories are triggered off by smell, smell being one of the qualities of this chakra, hence the importance of the nosetip. When we are highly sensitive to a smell that we associate as unpleasant, to us, it doesn't mean that we "have a highly active mooladhara chakra". No, it means that we associate that smell with a troubling memory which has it's basis in trauma, whether we are aware of the original memory, or not. The quality of smell from this chakra is something else: it is the Divine Smell of your own psyche. It comes, fleetingly at first, & over a period of time it becomes the smell of you, that you feel is both within & around you. When this happens, you will be walking in true bliss, a peaceful, loving bliss. It will be one of your own inherent qualities, come to life.

Mooladhara is also associated with instincts, & I feel very strongly that in many yoga organisations, this has been misunderstood, or....dare I say it?.....people have not known what they were talking about! So it's the instinctual aspects of the very old part of our brain, the part that keeps us going physically. But......we have these traumas, these unconscious memories & as a healer I can tell you that they are stored in the right hand petal of mooladhara chakra. They are also stored in the heart chakra, anahata....& other chakras too, of course. Both anahata & mooladhara are connected in the body via the vagus nerve.

Many people, observing people's patterns, think that this is only what the instinctual nature of mooladhara is about: just the instinctive reactions to extreme stress. Anyone who is bullied repeatedly, or subjected to terror & other traumas, will have instinctive behavioral/thought/feeling patterns which have emerged as part of being terrorized.

It has been a failure of yoga teachers to take on book or verbal knowledge which has not had it's basis in truth, & act on that false knowledge. Mooladhara has nothing to do with this. It is the beginning of Inner Truth manifesting within your awakening spirituality.

22 June 2015


I was listening to a video from a large international yoga organisation...there are several of these organisations now in the west, but I felt that it could have been any organisation's info that I was listening to.

Specifically, I was listening about mooladhara chakra....the speaker was talking about this chakra with "knowledge" that I did not have. I felt small & a tad ashamed...how could I not have known what she was talking about? She started talking about instincts, apparently there are 4: food, sex, sleep & self preservation. And stating emphatically that this was what mooladhara was about. As I listened, I stopped feeling that perhaps this was a good talk.

I feel that what she said, is, in a way, correct, but it isn't really correct. I base this only on my own knowledge. I am no different than anyone else, but just as some people have specific abilities & knowledge about art, or maths, or a sport, or making something with their hands, I have this knowledge about spirituality. And it is earned, experiential knowledge, that is, I earnt it by living the yoga life & doing the correct practices, & I know it from personal, profound, experience of the chakras, koshas, tattwas etc.

I feel differently about mooladhara being involved with the instinctual nature.  One night some years ago, I had an experience whereby my energy just left mooladhara, it was about the time that my ajna (3rd eye) chakra awakened...properly awakened. Because I was in a very heightened state of awareness & energy that night, there was no fear....but...my legs would not work! I was sleeping in the bottom floor of a house, the bathroom was in the floor above......I pulled myself up the stairs, crawled through the house & onto the loo. I was aware that I had to go to the toilet but there were no sensations in my body, even my arms could only just work. So there I was in this exalted state, & my body could barely work. Plus, the body mind/mind connection was barely working. Did I care? Not at the time.

So I feel from this that the instinctual nature of mooladhara is linked to the part of the brain which unconsciously keeps the body working. This is the instinct: the body has to work, we have to breathe, eat, move, eliminate, & our body instinctively keeps us going. It's not about animal instincts as some organisations say, nor attending to the 4 instincts mentioned above, in a superficial way, no it's programmed into us that we need a physical vehicle for an incarnation, & this vehicle's workings are linked to the chakras, amongst other things.

I had a mooladhara awakening after practicing yoga for less than a year. I shall never forget it. I drove to the class, & there was a stillness, an energy, in the air. It was so strong, so mystical, so calm.  I didn't know at the time that this was just my experience, & "the stage was being set" within me, for the awakening. We did a camel pose, I had never done it before, & as I rose up into the backbend, a bolt of white lightning shot up my spine from the base of my torso into my brain. I kept going with the poses we were doing, but remember thinking: "how strange, a bolt of white lightning just shot up my head into my brain". I didn't know what was going on, but I did know this: forever after, I knew that life had changed, I had changed, I was a stronger person, I started to "know" things, I was more aware.

But there was more to come with this chakra for me. It's important for me to tell you that although this chakra "woke up" that night, the mighty spiritual kundalini awakening came later. I once attended a talk where a buddhist nun was talking about how she was enlightened, her energy had come up come from the base chakra via the spine into the brain. It actually goes to just in front of the final chakra frontier, sahasrara, so I suppose that's why she thought she was enlightened. It was a disquieting talk. There was no Higher Awareness coming through, no expression of Divine Love. It was definitely not an enlightenment talk.

I feel, but have no actual proof, that these chakra awakenings are connected with the "silent" parts of the brain, & through the awakenings, abilities manifest. The brain is a majestic organ! And, our brain is related to our mind, so we have "mind" awakenings also with each chakra, areas of mind "wake up" also. Brain & mind work in tandem for this to happen.

12 June 2015

chakras.....& fancy

So everyone "knows" about chakras these days. Frankly, some of the information that has been presented by some yoga "experts" has mystified me...... I find that most information about chakras is non-information. ie not correct. A lot of fancy...which incidentally is known as 1 of the main causes or sources of wrong knowledge.

Could it be that some yoga "experts" don't actually know about chakras? Properly know, I mean.

I take chakra courses. These are lovely to take & lovely to attend. I do a beginners workshop which is very profound, but I also teach all the way through to very advanced chakra workshops. There are so many levels that chakras can be taught at, so many techniques, so there is always a level for every one. I like to have a wee talk about each chakra, appropriate for the level I am teaching, whenever I take a chakra workshop.

Chakras exist at many levels. I can speak with experience here: 40 years of yoga, nearly 35 of those years involved in the Deep Spirituality of yoga, of which chakras are an integral part, & over 20 years as an Aura Healer & Clairvoyant. Aura Healing is intimately involved with the chakras, but at a different level from working with the kundalini energy within the spinal chakras. Starting working with the chakras in the aura is such a lovely & profound way to delve into a part of ourselves which enrich our life: chakra energy & chakra consciousness.

Chakra energy manifests as spiritual energy: this energy also exists at many levels & can be built up so that this energy builds up the area of the psyche which is relevant to a chakra. This is where much confusion arises, we think that if the energy is "blocked" in a chakra then we manifest the so-called negative aspects of that chakra. I used to think that way too. Now I find that belief silly. I thought that way because that was what I was told by my superiors in Yoga. It was not true. As the years went on, I got more & more puzzled by this information, as it was not actually my experience: my experiences  of the chakras have been majestic.

Because on the chakra levels we are not so different, I feel quite secure in saying that all our chakra experiences will be similar, they will be profound, each experience builds up the spiritual energy & in turn releases inner knowledge.

Much of the "established" "knowledge" about chakras has been from Carl Jung, who, a psychiatrist who has studied him, assures me, had psychotic episodes. Millions of yoga people are believing that what they have been told by their teachers & in print, is correct, when much of it has come from Jung. This borders on the ridiculous.

5 June 2015

when the house of cards crumbles

In 2013 I became aware, bit by bit, that the yoga organisation I had been involved with over 30+ years, was build on secrets. The sort of secrets that make you feel sick with horror. Horror of things that had happened, plus horror & extreme & crippling shame & guilt that I had supported the guru, plus the organisation & been faithful to them. I felt this way because even though I had not been aware of these awful secrets, I was guilty by association.

I am not the only person who feels this way. But there are still many who "don't listen to gossip", "the practices work so I'm carrying on", etc. Denial, & of course that is one's own personal choice.

But...there is a righteousness & an exhilaration that goes with this denial, I've seen it before within a yoga organisation when all around everything is crumbling. It is disturbing & sad to see.

When you find out that the guru was a bad person who, in retrospect, was after fame, fortune & perversion. When you find out that young, defenseless people were physically, sexually, mentally, emotionally abused, for the guru's & a couple of top swamis' gratification. When you find out that those now at the top of the organisation knew & hid the truth from the world about what was really happening. When you cry a million tears of grief for others' suffering. When you cry in shame.

Then what? It's time to publicly say it's not ok, it never was ok, it never will be ok, & protecting the organisation which is now world famous & possibly very affluent, is not ok.

People may wonder how abuse went on & the adults did nothing. Of course there were adults who knew (not me) but many more did not. They were decent people who gave everything: their homes, money, free long hours of daily labour, their hopes, their dreams, & sadly some believed that their children were living the freedom dream by living in an ashram. They weren't living the freedom dream & the adults were isolated from the children & kept so busy that they could barely think. This seems to be the main way, along with public ridicule & bullying, that abuse is able to happen in these ashrams.

I left the organisation as soon as I heard witnesses' testimony against Satyananda Yoga on the Royal Commission on Sexual Abuse in Organisations which is ongoing in Australia. In truth, I had emotionally been distancing myself for a few years. Luckily, I was never really accepted by people in the organisation, except for a few personal friends of course, so I haven't been fully submerged in the satyananda yoga scene for some decades.

I have decided to keep my name at present, as it is who I am. True sannyasa is an inner state. A sannyasin stands alone in many respects, but we are also supposed to stand for truth, for kindness. I have thrown out the photos, the geru.

To all the wonderful people who stood up for themselves & for others at the Royal Commission: you are wonderful. I am sure that it was not easy for you, the memories, voicing them.

the dark side of spirituality...... part 1

Before I start, I would like to be perfectly clear: there are so many wonderful people I have known who are involved in spirituality. Spiritual organisations are built on the labour, love, & dedication of these people. But there is another side, a dark, hidden side, which we are unaware of ....if we are lucky, we come to realise it.

This post will be mostly about my journey, just briefly.

40 years ago, my yoga teacher told me I was to start teaching. I protested & said that I couldn't & I that I didn't know enough. He replied: "you can & you will, & you will know more than the students". So I did it.

Immediately a turf war broke out about my class, from the main yoga body in New Zealand at the time. I was flabbergasted, & a bit nervous about what was happening, it was all done behind my back!

Oh, my gosh! Actually, it was nothing compared to what happened as the years went on. It always puzzled me: if people were practicing, sincerely, a system which promoted harmony, non-violence, love & peace....why were they behaving in this awful manner? 

I practiced, from the word go, very spiritual yoga. I had my 1st chakra awakening that year. Six years later, I was living in a Satyananda Ashram, in New Zealand. That particular situation was disbanded 7 years later by the organisation, due to internal & international problems, but mostly because of the sexual abuse of children in the Australian ashram. There was no way I wanted to support that. None of us in the NZ ashram wanted to.

But the promotion of yoga continued by our group......& the abuse set in quite badly. It had started in the ashram we were in, & continued after. Why? If we were all so bloody spiritual & highly evolved (....not!....), why was this happening? And then, I did the dumbest thing: I set up a teaching situation with a couple of the people whom I had been in that ashram with. I was the current head of the organisation's representative in NZ. I truly believed that things would be different. They were worse, & after trying so hard in that situation since 1993, I left, very dramatically, just after xmas 2006.

I joined forces with others from the organisation, for, although I had been part of the organisation, my business partners were not. What a joke! It was no better, really. The back-stabbing of people who wanted to be famous, adored & put on a spiritual pedestal was rampant, as it had been in my previous situation. There was so much silly stuff happening. Finally, after several people approaching me about the bad gossip that had been said about me, I started to withdraw.

By the time that the Royal Commission on Sexual Abuse in organisations started in Australia, December 2014, I wanted out. I felt sick inside. I had removed all my guru stuff around my house a year before. It was disturbing 1 of my kids who had lived in the ashram in Australia as a teenager at the time of the abuse. I could see when she walked into my house that she would look like she was going into shock, so I removed it all.

When I heard the testimonials, I wept, heartbroken, for days, not for myself, but for the pain that others had lived with for decades from the abuse. I quickly, completely, left the organisation. My head & heart had left well before.

For some years now, I have used 2 of my blogs, this one & www.doneneclairvoyant.com (Donene Inch is my birth name), to encourage people to behave & be decent human beings. For, I feel that without this, the hidden abuse in spirituality will continue. And for goodness, sake, this is not rocket science!!

1 June 2015

winter yoga

When cold weather comes, often it's followed by the flu, heavy colds, & for those who suffer from asthma, it often gets worse in damp conditions. A few changes to your yoga routine can either prevent or reduce these winter malaise-s.

I had a break from my ongoing yoga practice for quite a few months: I had a damaged foot & the asanas were making it worse, & I was so disheartened by the bad behaviour of so many of yoga's famous teachers & gurus, that I just didn't want to practice.

But all things change, & this feeling changed too. For when you practice yoga consistently, the body always craves to return to it, because it makes us feel so good. Yoga, of course, doesn't have the monopoly on feeling good...walkers, runners, skiers, surfers, all sorts of people practicing their physical activity of choice will tell you how good their activity is, how much they miss it if they can't do it.

And these consistent physical activities keep our immune system working well, we get less sick. The asanas (postures) of yoga really were all about the glands, the organs, the nervous systems, stimulating the chakras, but since B.K.S. Iyengar introduced the asanas with "correct" postural alignment & also "correct" muscular control, the established "norm" of yoga asana practise changed. I teach it this way too now, & have done so for over 20 years, however for my own practice, I am just about actually doing it, otherwise it's just too overwhelming.

Yoga pranayamas are another way to keep our immune systems working well, to minimise or prevent (as the case may be) sickness. When we do the cleansing pranayamas like bhastrikas, kapalabhati, breath of fire, we build up a protective layer of negative ions around the nose. Negative ions are molecules in the air, & although we usually associate the word "positive" with being the "good" aspect of something, in this aspect the negative ions are the "good" ions/molecules: they make us feel good, they are good for our health. And when we have a strong auric supply in a cachement around our nostrils, as you have when regularly practising these cleansing pranayamas, we are then inhaling these negative ions, thereby maintaining good health.

Generally speaking, unless you have high blood pressure (in which case, don't do it!), bhastrika is a wonderful winter pranayama, it warms the body, & very importantly, it stimulates our own personal supply of prana/life-force, which is often in short supply in winter, as much of our prana often comes from the sun. And it builds up the negative ion cachement mentioned above.