12 June 2015

chakras.....& fancy

So everyone "knows" about chakras these days. Frankly, some of the information that has been presented by some yoga "experts" has mystified me...... I find that most information about chakras is non-information. ie not correct. A lot of fancy...which incidentally is known as 1 of the main causes or sources of wrong knowledge.

Could it be that some yoga "experts" don't actually know about chakras? Properly know, I mean.

I take chakra courses. These are lovely to take & lovely to attend. I do a beginners workshop which is very profound, but I also teach all the way through to very advanced chakra workshops. There are so many levels that chakras can be taught at, so many techniques, so there is always a level for every one. I like to have a wee talk about each chakra, appropriate for the level I am teaching, whenever I take a chakra workshop.

Chakras exist at many levels. I can speak with experience here: 40 years of yoga, nearly 35 of those years involved in the Deep Spirituality of yoga, of which chakras are an integral part, & over 20 years as an Aura Healer & Clairvoyant. Aura Healing is intimately involved with the chakras, but at a different level from working with the kundalini energy within the spinal chakras. Starting working with the chakras in the aura is such a lovely & profound way to delve into a part of ourselves which enrich our life: chakra energy & chakra consciousness.

Chakra energy manifests as spiritual energy: this energy also exists at many levels & can be built up so that this energy builds up the area of the psyche which is relevant to a chakra. This is where much confusion arises, we think that if the energy is "blocked" in a chakra then we manifest the so-called negative aspects of that chakra. I used to think that way too. Now I find that belief silly. I thought that way because that was what I was told by my superiors in Yoga. It was not true. As the years went on, I got more & more puzzled by this information, as it was not actually my experience: my experiences  of the chakras have been majestic.

Because on the chakra levels we are not so different, I feel quite secure in saying that all our chakra experiences will be similar, they will be profound, each experience builds up the spiritual energy & in turn releases inner knowledge.

Much of the "established" "knowledge" about chakras has been from Carl Jung, who, a psychiatrist who has studied him, assures me, had psychotic episodes. Millions of yoga people are believing that what they have been told by their teachers & in print, is correct, when much of it has come from Jung. This borders on the ridiculous.

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