11 March 2016

swadhisthaana & tantra

We can feel little "heartbeat" movements at the khstrams, which are the trigger points for the chakras. The khstram for swadhisthaana is on the pubic bone, & the lips of the mouth are also trigger points. The lips can swell, tingle, which is quite in keeping of this chakra, for taste is related to swadhisthaana chakra. An exquisite, intoxicating taste at the upper back of the mouth, manifests. This is Lalana chakra, which has a direct relationship with Visshuddhi, the throat chakra. Inside Visshuddhi is a full moon. So the throat chakra also has an intimate relationship with the sacral chakra, swadhisthaana.

At the sacral chakra, once we are established in it, we do not have much of an appetite, mainly due to the fulfilling nectar that we constantly experience here. But also because of the intense new world of this chakra where everything is so intense, & we can be so happy here, so we don't have such a need for needing food sustenance. 

I know that people wll say that this chakra is to do with passion in the form of food, drink, sex.....but when I hear a person express this, then I know for sure that they do not truly know the reality of this chakra. The passion is actually here at this chakra...but not so much in this way. It is the passion of expression in all of the life. We are passionate about everything.

This chakra is about self power emerging & we express it through this intense passion: our beliefs, our work, our spiritual journey, our life, everything. When we move past this chakra, there will always be a longing to return to the joy of expression, because from manipura onwards.....it's more about the spiritual realms & less about oneself. 

There is so much misunderstanding about this chakra...yes, sex is part of passion, & yes, both mooladhara & swadhisthaana chakras are intimately connected with the sexual organs. And I know that the west has had a fascination with "tantra"....& almost always meaning "tantric sex"....& that, as part of tantra, it is  said that we must "go through" with the longings (of everything but especially sex!!) & arise like a phoenix from the ashes when we have "exhausted" our desires. I am talking modern spiritual lingo just now, & yes, some of it is from one of the exalted ashrams of India. 

Sex is a part of life, it is part of the human experience, it is part of the physical, mental & emotional needs of each of us, as adults. And tantric sex is profound & can be the gateway to Higher Experience when done with love. I hear so many weird things about tantric sex that I veer between being concerned, laughing, & being fed up about it. So many misconceptions. 

One is non-ejaculation by men. Saving their "essence" ie semen. The body fluids do have a spiritual essence in them, but saving one's essence is something else, it is not to do with semen. In tantric sex one is able to delay gratification to prolong the sexual & spiritual experience. But ejaculation by both sexes most likely will occur. But not always. 

I once had a dog who almost died from kidney problems due to a build-up of testosterone. He leaked from his bladder & smelt dreadful, & was so unhappy. I still feel ashamed that I let that happen. Whenever I hear about non-ejaculation as a way of life for spiritual "tantric" reasons...I think of what happened to our dog. I guess in relating this that I am trying to express a caution about modern day myths regarding sex...and tantra.

tattwas: the elements

I saw an article circulating through facebook, by a Sanskrit scholar, who, through reading the ancient scriptures, had come to some interesting conclusions regarding the chakras, & the elements which are known as tattwas. He believes, from his Sanskrit knowledge & spiritual readings, that the symbols in the centre of the chakras, are, in fact, the tattwas.

The tattwas are, in ascending order of internal experience…..earth, water, fire, air, ether/space. Each of these relates to a chakra, & is “behind” the chakra experience. Of course, some people start with Tattwa Dharana (concentration on the elements); or Tattwa Shuddhi or Bhuta Shuddhi (both are purification of the elements), rather than work with the chakras in practices such as Chakra Shuddhi, or Chakra Dharana. Either way truly works for traversing the inner spiritual realms. Either way is fine.

I am writing this from the experience of one who traversed the kundalini/chakra/kosha path, then unexpectedly, entered the realms of the tattwas. For those who started with the path of the Tattwas, the steps as the tattwas reveal themselves, could be different. Predominantly, I would like to dispel the declaration that the inner chakra symbols, are in fact, tattwa symbols. For they are not.
Real experience, through technique, is the real key to finding out the spiritual truths. Reading will never give us the experience of the truth. I do teach kundalini, chakras, koshas, tattwas. All systematically according to how the spiritual “laws” work.

Let us proceed with some spiritual “whistle-blowing”……….The tattwas can be “seen” in the aura, in their full glory, & they are also internal realms of consciousness & energy. They are to do with manifestation. Not manifestation whereby we decide that we would like something to happen…that is a gross form of manifestation. No, we are talking about the mystical being that is us. The manifestation of differing elements which make up us, on a very deep level.

With the tattwas, Earth relates to Mooladhara chakra. Water to Swadhisthaana. Fire to Manipura. Air to Anahata. Ether to Vishuddhi. There is no tattwa for Ajna & beyond as Ajna is mind, & Sahasrara is cosmic.

The tattwa for earth is a square pit, filled with a thick, solid, lumpy, yellow substance. In the centre of mooladhara chaka, there is a yellow square – it is not a pit.

Water tattwa is a snow white crescent moon, with its points upwards. On each of the points is a white upturned lotus. This all can be seen floating on clear water, but I don’t know if that’s the same experience for everybody. For me, a being known as papa purusha (purusha is consciousness) was standing upright on the tattwa crescent moon. He was a beautiful golden brown, serene & wise. To begin with, on our spiritual journey, he is believed to be squat, raging, black, red fiery eyes, quite demonic really….& he relates to an aspect within our consciousness. So, when he reveals himself as upright, & a golden brown…no rage….this indicates that some aspect of our consciousness has evolved somewhat. And it is a tattwa experience…not a chakra experience.
In the centre of Swadhisthana chakra is a black ocean, black sky, & crescent moon in its 1st quarter, & beige sand in the left side, in the shape of a crescent moon. Therefore the colours & the crescent moon in the chakra experience here are different from the tattwa experience.

Fire tattwa is red & black moving flames, & can also be depicted as an inverted red triangle with an extra piece jutting out on each side. Manipura chakra has a similar red inverted triangle, plus it has a red sun of fire in the centre of the triangle.

 Air tattwa is an ethereal blue-grey hexagon. It sits above our chest at armpit level & under our chin. It is multidimensional, & I believe that this is one of the big differences between the chakras & the tattwas. 

The chakras, when they first reveal themselves in their glory, are not multidimensional. When they are fully awakened, they are multidimensional…..& this happens after kundalini awakening, after kosha (body sheaths) awakening, after chakra awakenings, after kundalini rising, then after the awakening of the tattwas. It is a process. So, the 5 tattwas are multidimensional.

 In Anahata chakra is a 6 pointed star. Some say it is sky blue, some say it is smokey-blue-grey like the hexagon in the tattwa. For me, as it emerged within the anahata experience, it was two triangles, 1 pointing up, 1 pointing down….each in a thin whitish bluish outline, merging to create an ethereal outline of a star. These days, I see it as a golden outline only. So I would surmise that there are levels of experience & perception of this Star. However, the hexagon is quite ethereal, quite different.

Ether/space element is a very big experience. We are looking at cosmic aspects here, for the experience is of a circle, within which is a pitch black, multidimensional space, quite cosmic, as though one’s consciousness is up in the black space of the universe. Which is quite fitting, for Ajna chakra, although it is not vishuddhi which relates to the ether element, ajna relates to mind & ajna is like being in cosmic "outer" space.  

Inside the ether space are twinkling dots, like stars in the sky. For me they were golden. I have had, like hundreds of other spiritual seekers, so many profound experiences in the inner realms. But it was the ether experience which affected me the most. I literally could not stand for a few days, it was as though my brain & all my different types of perception were upside down. I was so dizzy. I was concerned that it would not pass.

It did pass. Of course. And somehow, nothing is ever the same again after the ether tattwa reveals itself. The depth of understanding gained from this is deep. The chakra related to it is Vishuddhi (throat chakra), & it has a big circle in its centre: it looks like a big, snow-white full moon. And it too is an ethereal, other worldly chakra.

There is a big experience which comes after kundalini awakening, after chakra awakenings, when one is at the consciousness/energy level of Ajna chakra, or even knocking at the door of ajna chakra….it seems as though it is a manipura experience…it goes on forever….or else it may only seem that way, it could only be a few seconds. And, it is the doorway, the portal, to the world of the tattwas. After it happened, I soon became quite disgruntled thinking that I had had a “fall from grace’ whenever I sat in meditation “seeing” what I thought was the mooladhara square, & wondering why I “had fallen” from grace, & regressed to mooladhara chakra…….but of course that was not the case. (And at that time I was still being influenced by the silly spiritual concepts which abounded, which included the kundalini energy “falling” from Anahata).

I was looking at a pit with lumpy thick substance in it. It took a few months before I realised what was happening. Another person might experience earth, water, fire, air, ether, rather than the symbols. Or some symbols, & some of the natural aspects (fire, etc). And it is possible to experience, eg fire before earth. Everything is not always experienced in an ascending order.

The tattwas are profound…..they are like nothing that I had previously experienced. The chakras are majestic, & they are quite different from the tattwas. There is also yet another realm behind the tattwas.