26 June 2016

When Intention & Spirit Are Aligned

This is something that one of my cousins said to me, when we were talking, & waiting for a seminar on the heart. Not just any seminar, this is from a Tohunga. A Tohunga is a Maori mystic, healer, & spiritual guide, from a spiritual system dating back through time, so far back that no-one knows just how far back, & the teachings are taught at what is called a Wananga.....which in very easy terms, involves spiritual teachings, learning & absorption, in a setting. A lot of the absorption is done through the ancient form of Maori language, & it penetrates deep into our cellular understanding & memories, our mind, our gut, our heart. It is such a profound language, whether one understands it, or not.

So, the heart is where intention & spirit align, our heart is like a beacon of light which is supposed to radiate out, from our being. If you look up videos & articles from The Heartmath Institute, you will see confirmation of this. When we express through our hearts, with good intention, which will always have it's basis in caring, warmth & love, we actually radiate an energy which beams out from our aura towards the person, or being (animals, birds, plants, for example), & that being is affected in a most auspicious way.

And when we express in a positive way via the heart, our own whole physio-psychological being is affected. Our mind receives that heart energy, & our body is rewarded with positive cellular responses. And, conversely, when we are traumatised, a message goes out from our heart (& gut) & we store that trauma in invisible pockets of our body, & in the acupuncture points, in the heart, the gut, & the mind. This stored trauma can be stimulated by anything: a smell, a sound, something that we see out of the corner of our eye.

How can we deal with this trauma that we carry? Through the heart, for it is also a guide. It is where our love, & ethical, invisible guidelines emanate from. Somehow, the heart (called manawa in the Maori language)...it just knows. It knows ethics, it knows love. The manawa also knows pain & heartbreak, too, but it also provides us the way back to ourselves, to be able to live with that pain. Think of it as our conscience. Each time that we go against those inner qualities of the manawa, & therefore we go against our conscience, it is like a shadow passes over our heart....many shadows on, & we are living in a loveless situation, a place overshadowed by lack of love, a place of darkness. A place of no self respect.

When we allow ourselves to "come from" the manawa...our entire being is affected. It radiates within, through the whole body right down to the most minute level, & from within, far out into the aura, our energy field surrounding the body. Sometimes we just have to have the intent to do this. And a good guideline is how some one or some thing affects our self respect. If it is a negative effect....our manawa is telling us something. It does not mean that we have to radiate out love whilst someone is being mean, but it could mean that we either stand up to the person, or remove ourselves. In time, that love will shine through & the other person will be touched by it...but in life, many things can be a slow process.

One of the very best, & easiest, ways, to do this, is to resolve never to do, or say, anything that stops us going to sleep at night. We often cannot sleep because we are troubled, sometimes it is because of external things that we are affected by, but more often it is from our conscience. Our conscience, in this instance, is telling us something! Our manawa will respond dramatically with just the smallest effort of us aligning intention with spirit. We feel better, & are encouraged, from within, to do more. This is a "quickening"...our whole system is receiving a marvellous message from the manawa, telling us that we feel good because we aligned intention & spirit. We are, at this moment, in tune with our manawa.

How do we have the most beneficial intentions for, & from, ourselves? The Wananga of the Manawa teaches us to remove emotion from an intention, as it is the emotions attached to intention that creates the karma. Obviously if the intention is bad, malevolent, there will be a lot of emotion involved. Rather, act from a place of neutrality, so that your own emotions are not "spilling over" onto another person. Equally importantly, we do not then "pick up" the other person's emotions.

Our spirit radiates out from our heart, & from our heart chakra. When our spirit radiates, it is easier to act with intention from a place of neutrality. We feel closer to our own Divinity, to the Divinity of everything. We walk in Grace. We understand that the Manawa is a gift, a gift from the gods.

17 June 2016

channelled yoga: kriyavati

Many years ago, I thought that channelling was really stupid, & a con. I have, since then, had to eat tons of humble pie. For I am not only a spiritual yoga teacher, I am also now a healer, & a channeller, & have been so for 25 years. So, information is revealed to me, & I tell a client what that information is. So I am the medium for this knowledge. As is appropriate.

16 years ago, I went to a week long yoga seminar with an american yoga teacher (Kali Ray) who had found herself doing yoga poses & pranayamas, for, at the time, 20 years, & she had gone on to teach it all. And she said that a yoga system revealing itself through someone, is called kriyavati. Kali is, of course, mega famous with thousands of devotees. She is lovely. She said that it was the Cosmic energy moving her body, & that it was also her guru from a previous life, bringing forth these experiences, & the yoga knowledge.

It all fascinated me, & because I cannot resist finding out what spiritual experiences are truly like, I pondered: how was this so? How was it happening via Kali? The answer came in the form of dreams: sequences of poses clearly demonstrated in my dreams, & then remembered the next day. And with the body moving into a pose, followed by another. Soon I had groups of poses that had revealed themselves sequentially through my body: a seated beginners group; a beginners back-bend series, & 3 poses in sequence for digestion & abdominal muscles. Standing body flexibilities. A standing warrior dance. I taught them here & there, quietly, as I wasn't confident enough at the time, to tell anyone where I had learnt them, so I just popped them into a class, as needed.

Some pranayama followed, then countless hasta (hand) mudras (gestures). I'd be doing a meditation, pranayama, or poses, & realise that my hands & fingers had morphed into a hasta mudra. Most I recorded, many I did not. Then, other small groups of poses emerged: sometimes through my body, often I'd get a clear vision of a group of movements, & then do them. And the hasta mudras: sometimes I'd be doing an asana, & a vision would appear of the correct mudra for it, so I would just follow suit.

Over the years, I scribbled down these sequences & mudras. After the first group of poses, it changed to 2-3 poses at a time, 1 after the other. I could not figure out what I was supposed to do with them, so again, here & there, I'd pop them into a class. Eventually, I did work it all out, & how this stronger group of poses was to be taught. It has all evolved into a system. I was too shy for so long about talking about this, as for a long time I was associated with a large Indian ashram, & it wasn't part of their teachings. But now that I am no longer involved with that ashram, I have the freedom to be true to my inner nature.

What also emerged was other types of mudras, dharana (concentration) & dhyana (meditation) techniques. Some were very similar to other systems, but there was always a point of difference. Most are completely original, & all relate to the deeper aspects of our being. Sometimes I do teach other stuff that I have learnt over the years, but the channelled yoga: it is sublime. The effect is truly lovely, one feels so close to their spiritual essence.

Where was this all channelled from? Some did come from my body's own innate knowledge, for sure, at the beginning. The body just moved into these poses. And this lead to a long association with a Great Entity, who started my channelling experience, & this revealed some poses & spiritual knowledge, also. But the bulk of it has been from a woman, I don't know who she is. She is Indian & is a source of great knowledge.

Some has come from Cosmic realms, for sure. The Cosmic energy, containing the Cosmic knowledge, descends into oneself through sahasrara, the crown chakra. The kundalini energy, it ascends within us, from mooladhara (base chakra) up through sushumna (relating to the spinal cord), to the crown.

I  had a dream, a few years after it started, when a guru told me that it was the path of Uma Shakti. Uma is the gentle, all-pervading, universal, shakti is energy & is also universal. The gentle cosmic energy path. And Uma was 1 of the 1st consorts of Shiva. I even have a channelled Uma Shakti mudra, which is beautiful.

12 June 2016


In my last post I wrote that ida nadi (female energy flow) was like consciousness, & that pingala nadi (male energy flow) is like matter.

No! N0! NO!

It's the other way around: pingala is more consciousness on the "mental" level, although in 1 of the big ashrams it is portrayed as vital/physical energy. And yes, it is that too. Because it relates to the sympathetic nervous system, which is itself very physically dynamic. In the brain, pingala is the left side. Somehow we have been lead to believe that we need to learn how to mostly use the right side of the brain, for it is said that the left side is logic & the right side is creative. And of course there is great truth in this. On the left side we are able to be sequential in our habits, do maths, & it is said (so far!) also that the left side of the brain moves slower than the right side. And that's fine too.

One of the big secrets about the left side, is that, in the left temporal lobe, the death, or "passing over" experience, is. This was found out by western scientists & no, I don't know how they did it. The interesting thing is that all the experiences of the volunteers were similar....white light, tunnel...... Which lead to the hypothesis that perhaps Near Death Experiences were just a brain experience, & what was said about "passing over" was also just this experience.

Our brains & minds are incredible. They record everything big that impacts us, whether it's deep trauma or intense spirituality ...so why not have a place in the brain...& in our minds...where this momentous experience is recorded? When I had an NDE a few years ago, it felt like it went on for ages, but I know that it didn't....which would tie in with the left side moving slower than the right. And it was very real, & totally familiar.

The right side is related to the parasympathetic nervous system, is female, & is a very creative & imaginative side, & I said in the last post that it was consciousness. It is part of our consciousness, for here many creative abilities can be expressed, can flow out of our mind & become manifest..or, happen. So it is both energy (manifestation) & consciousness (part of mind).

Another unusual fact is that people who are left handed, have a very strong sense of how their body feels, this is recorded in the right side. It is also said that artists use the right side of their brain more....which does not make sense to me, for someone who draws with pencil & does an exact replica of something like a bird, or a face, or an object, would not be using their imagination to do this.... Drawing a replica reminds me of photographic memory & I am sure that we use the left side of the brain for this (so speaketh myself, who does have a photographic memory). But, I am always open to correction.

Creativity is like an energy, & yes, it is a mental energy, & in a way, it is also like "matter", which is created from energy. Or, matter being manifestation. And here, many of our thoughts manifest, our thoughts being part of us, but also, they are like matter, & are separate from our awareness. Our awareness sits in the region of the pineal gland, on a physical level, so it's neither left nor right, it is it's own area. And also, each side of the brain, is a "doing" side, each in it's own way. When we "come to" ajna chakra, the 3rd eye, pineal gland, when we are the silent witness at this point....each side of the brain it keeps working, of course it does, but we are not governed by logic/left side, nor by the contents of our mind/creativity/right side.....we are sitting in wisdom & intuition. At this point, pingala & ida nadis are not predominating, either...sushumna nadi which relates to the central nervous system deep within our spinal cord & also our brain....this is dominant.

In this way, also, the chakra activity can have expression, for the chakras reside in sushumna, & in  areas of our consciousness. Our consciousness content is recorded in the brain, but not only in the brain. Consciousness is vast, just as is manifestation. The expression of the chakras starts with stimulation in the form of wee pulses, moves into deep throbs, swirling, etc...which all seem physical, & in a way they are...but they are also chakra activity when they are happening at the chakra points. And the secret powers residing within the chakras.....they reveal themselves, in turn, & are able to be expressed as being an integral part of the pysche.