17 June 2016

channelled yoga: kriyavati

Many years ago, I thought that channelling was really stupid, & a con. I have, since then, had to eat tons of humble pie. For I am not only a spiritual yoga teacher, I am also now a healer, & a channeller, & have been so for 25 years. So, information is revealed to me, & I tell a client what that information is. So I am the medium for this knowledge. As is appropriate.

16 years ago, I went to a week long yoga seminar with an american yoga teacher (Kali Ray) who had found herself doing yoga poses & pranayamas, for, at the time, 20 years, & she had gone on to teach it all. And she said that a yoga system revealing itself through someone, is called kriyavati. Kali is, of course, mega famous with thousands of devotees. She is lovely. She said that it was the Cosmic energy moving her body, & that it was also her guru from a previous life, bringing forth these experiences, & the yoga knowledge.

It all fascinated me, & because I cannot resist finding out what spiritual experiences are truly like, I pondered: how was this so? How was it happening via Kali? The answer came in the form of dreams: sequences of poses clearly demonstrated in my dreams, & then remembered the next day. And with the body moving into a pose, followed by another. Soon I had groups of poses that had revealed themselves sequentially through my body: a seated beginners group; a beginners back-bend series, & 3 poses in sequence for digestion & abdominal muscles. Standing body flexibilities. A standing warrior dance. I taught them here & there, quietly, as I wasn't confident enough at the time, to tell anyone where I had learnt them, so I just popped them into a class, as needed.

Some pranayama followed, then countless hasta (hand) mudras (gestures). I'd be doing a meditation, pranayama, or poses, & realise that my hands & fingers had morphed into a hasta mudra. Most I recorded, many I did not. Then, other small groups of poses emerged: sometimes through my body, often I'd get a clear vision of a group of movements, & then do them. And the hasta mudras: sometimes I'd be doing an asana, & a vision would appear of the correct mudra for it, so I would just follow suit.

Over the years, I scribbled down these sequences & mudras. After the first group of poses, it changed to 2-3 poses at a time, 1 after the other. I could not figure out what I was supposed to do with them, so again, here & there, I'd pop them into a class. Eventually, I did work it all out, & how this stronger group of poses was to be taught. It has all evolved into a system. I was too shy for so long about talking about this, as for a long time I was associated with a large Indian ashram, & it wasn't part of their teachings. But now that I am no longer involved with that ashram, I have the freedom to be true to my inner nature.

What also emerged was other types of mudras, dharana (concentration) & dhyana (meditation) techniques. Some were very similar to other systems, but there was always a point of difference. Most are completely original, & all relate to the deeper aspects of our being. Sometimes I do teach other stuff that I have learnt over the years, but the channelled yoga: it is sublime. The effect is truly lovely, one feels so close to their spiritual essence.

Where was this all channelled from? Some did come from my body's own innate knowledge, for sure, at the beginning. The body just moved into these poses. And this lead to a long association with a Great Entity, who started my channelling experience, & this revealed some poses & spiritual knowledge, also. But the bulk of it has been from a woman, I don't know who she is. She is Indian & is a source of great knowledge.

Some has come from Cosmic realms, for sure. The Cosmic energy, containing the Cosmic knowledge, descends into oneself through sahasrara, the crown chakra. The kundalini energy, it ascends within us, from mooladhara (base chakra) up through sushumna (relating to the spinal cord), to the crown.

I  had a dream, a few years after it started, when a guru told me that it was the path of Uma Shakti. Uma is the gentle, all-pervading, universal, shakti is energy & is also universal. The gentle cosmic energy path. And Uma was 1 of the 1st consorts of Shiva. I even have a channelled Uma Shakti mudra, which is beautiful.

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