17 February 2017

Dancing In The Light

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One day I did it. I danced In The Light

How do we dance in the light? Years ago, I was giving mini aura healings at a fair. No one wanted my services, so a really lovely man asked me to work on his aura. He was a Reiki Master, and he had one of the most energised, loving, auras that I have ever experienced. It was so beautiful. So, he sat on a chair, I closed my eyes and stepped into his truly majestic aura. I was vaguely aware that I was doing something with his aura, although I was in such a transported bliss state that I was barely aware of anything, except I did have a vague idea that I was moving a bit.

Something made me open my eyes a fraction. I was dancing around and around in his aura in a state of bliss. The whole hall had gone still, and everyone was watching. Afterwards, everyone seemed to get into a queue for an aura healing with me. I was so busy!

I never ever did this again anywhere public, although of course, I did do it privately in some aura sessions. I am so grateful to that lovely man for giving me the chance to dance in the light. His light of his heart.

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How can we dance in the light?

But how can we, as mere mortals, dance in the light? I think that it comes down to:

                        magic moments in time

here and there, when energy shifts into a more magical vibration, everything slows down, and our feelings, our heart, and our minds, mellow into the vibration whereby we can be light dancers.

How to dance within the stillness

I don't think that we have to actually dance, in order to dance in the light. We can do it when we are still, also. We can slip into the awareness that allows us to access it. How can we do this? Try using this breathing technique here to slow down the emotional and mental aspects, then allow yourself to "just be". Just Be what? Just be present, and aware. With practice, this will help you to learn the state of being that promotes being able to be a light dancer.

Anyone can do it.

You will find that there are many moments of being present in the light. When we are with loved ones, our pets, seeing children and babies, watching the sunrise, clouds drifting, sunset, moon rising. Stars twinkling, birds singing, waves crashing....the list is endless.

All spiritual practices should ideally take us to that state of being that could be called meditation....with eyes open, and heart energy flowing freely, in our daily life.

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