27 June 2017

The return of the Goddess

                          ....she never actually went away.....

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                          (The Supreme Goddess Parashakti)

There is so much in spirituality, whatever path, that can take us to heights of experience & understanding that we could never have dreamed of. Each progressive step takes us further & further to understanding that there is so much that we don't know, there is so much more to experience, & quite frankly, it is surely humbling.

The Path of Consciousness

Some spiritual paths, & I am not only talking about yoga, favour the consciousness/male gods aspect...Shiva, Ranginui/the sky father, ...whatever name he is known as on your path. 

The Path of Divine Energy

But others favour the path of the Divine energy, the goddess: Shakti, Papatuuaanuku/earth mother. Because goddesses are to do with manifestation & energy, the way of the goddess is an easy path. It is a path of doing. The consciousness/male god aspect flows in tandem with the energy/goddess path, for one cannot exist without the other.

Gifts from the Gods

For myself, I feel that too. So, I prefer to appreciate both the Gods and Goddesses. Especially as each God or Goddess gives us something unique to themselves. Mostly though, they give a Cosmic state of being: consciousness and love. What a blessing. How lucky are we?

I learnt, studying with a Tohunga, that The Gods and Goddess have many manifestations. Each manifestation is like a lineage. The Gods, and The Goddesses, are descended from the Supreme God, and there is a descent of these gods and goddesses creating this lineage.

The Supreme Goddess

It is the same of course, in yoga. The Supreme Goddess, from whom all the Goddesses are descended, is called Parashakti. The supreme Goddess.


These days many are familiar with Kali The Great Mother and Goddess of removing the limitations of our ego. We need an ego, or ordinary sense of oneself, in a lifetime, but Kali takes us above our ego as she awakes the sleeping Higher Consciousness within us. When this happens to an aspirant, this is a true step into the Higher Knowing that is within us. Kali helps us to get there.


Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, health, fortune and prosperity. She is said to walk amongst us during the Hindu celebration of Dewali, and to invite her into your home during this time brings great blessings. Lakshmi also bestows spiritual wealth and blessings and this is special indeed.


Saraswati is quite ethereal. She is the goddess of knowledge and spiritual wisdom, the arts, music.

These three, Kali, Lakshmi, and Saraswati are like a trinity. Their attributes and gifts to us, compliment each other.  Later in the year, in the celebration of Navaratri, the nine nights of the Goddess, we can meditate on them for our own benefit.

Another blessing.

17 June 2017

The "blues"

One of the most important lessons

One of the most important spiritual lessons that I have learnt is concerning "the blues". When we are "down".

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the specialness of the colour blue

I am always fascinated how such a state is called the blues, for, sky blue, and a sky blue with an undertint of white, are incredibly spiritual colours. Very High.

Even just closing one's eyes and bringing to mind the blue sky, is profound. I often include this in yoga nidra (very deep relaxation), for a subtle anahata (heart chakra) experience. It is uplifting.

Or the blue ocean, for swadhisthana (second chakra), for this is like the movement of our emotions, flowing into and out of, our psyche. Just as the sea endlessly flows, and is always moving, so do our emotions. Combined with the colour blue it is very calming. It soothes the emotions. I know that mostly the sea is blue, but sometimes it can be a murky colour, turquoise, or a soft aqua.

And, in ajna (third eye) chakra, the experience of infinity is found. For some weird reason, I always thought that infinity would be black, as the realm of ajna chakra is. And I am sure that others have experienced other infinity moments that are different to mine, but.... mine was a beautiful blue, lighter than royal blue, with a portal. Through the portal it was sky blue.... and it had something in it, something which I have never been able to totally describe, but it was infinity.

Mind blowing, I can tell you.

the state of "having the blues'

Of course, this is totally different. Contrary to what you may have heard or read, there are no "down", nor "negative" aspects of the chakras proper. Meaning the internal chakras, which are, of course, connected to the chakras in the aura.

As human beings, we have states of emotion, states of mind, states of the physical body, states of vibration....many, many, states of being.

When we have the blues, it is an emotional state. Like a pit of negative energy. It envelopes us. It is not us, but obviously, it is part of us. Please don't attribute this to an awakened chakra, because it is not. Frequently this negative state is "blamed" on mooladhara (base) chakra; swadhisthana (second) chakra; or manipura (navel) chakra.

The main emotion from these three chakras is immense happiness. Whether your chakras have "woken up", or not.

These feelings that we call negativity, the blues... whatever.... they are part of our journey in a life-time, and can have many causes. The secret is to know that when we are immersed in this state, it is an energy. And, importantly, we can have strategies to make us feel better, when we feel the blues coming on.

Learning that it is an energy, and that we can have systems, or "things" in place, to prevent, and minimise this energy, was life-changing for me. So was the experience of infinity, but learning and understanding this negative energy has been something I can do, every day.

simple, helpful strategies for the blues

Being grateful is one of the most important things that we can do to minimise feeling "down". It just changes us!! A friend was recently telling me how she goes through things that she is grateful for, just before falling asleep. 

And that, because she is grateful why wouldn't she look after herself? She was referring to many things about looking after yourself, such as not allowing unnecessary negativity into her life. And also to do things that make her feel good, and further grateful.

Unless you live in a really bad situation, there will be many things that you can be grateful for.

                          practise gratitude, be grateful

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Being an honest, kind and decent person is another. The first thing to practice in yoga, is not asanas (postures), it is non-violence. Rather than intellectualise non-violence, it is more powerful to just do it. 

                                    be kind, be decent

Just these two things to do, can and will change your life. Together, they can minimise the human tendency to descend into negative energy. And, help us climb out of this energy when we have found ourselves in the thick of it.

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7 June 2017

Babies, young children, and their auras

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The main thing in a new baby's aura

Working with children for their health, via the aura, is quite different from working with adults. I recall a six week old baby whose aura I was lucky enough to be involved with. Baby was nestled in it's aura, which was one of it's arms length away from the body, so actually quite close in. It was like a cocoon, very pure, and very strong. This baby had a good home and loving parents, and his aura reflected that.

The importance of sleep for a new baby

At this age, a baby is still sleeping a lot, and, as an aura healer, I can tell you that they are still not completely established on this earthly plane, and it is in their minds and  emotions that they still have a connection with their past. For, with all of the sleeping that they are doing, they are also "watching' past life scenes. When I first saw this, I was so surprised! For me, it was like watching a movie.

And, anyone who has been around a tiny baby, will remember how they sleep so much. I now realise that it is important, not just in terms of growth and readjustment to their new life, but also because of these pictures that they are viewing inside their head. The fontanelle is not yet closed, and it is here that the pictures are streaming from. When I looked down at the baby I mentioned, I could "see" that the fontanelle was still opened, on a spiritual level. It looked like a hole, about the size of a baby's small skullcap. And the pictures were inside the hole.

                                 Image result for babies chakras

Babies and children's chakras

How amazing it was! I shall never, ever, forget this. The baby's chakras (in the aura) were like little acorn cups, tiny, quite open, but solid. Whereas the chakras in the aura of a child of four years old, are bigger, longer, not as firm and strong, for they are more influenced by the child's emotions.

One day, one of my  young grandchildren shuffled past me, head down, quite fed up, grumpy and tearful (doing the "it's not fair!" thing) .... and their navel chakra in the front of the body was drooping down towards the floor..... (it made me chuckle). As though the drooping chakra was pulling her head and shoulders down, but of course the chakra was drooping in response to her emotions.

As our children get more established in life, and their past lives become distant memories, the children start to absorb more energy from their environment. And some of it is absorbed through the chakras in the front of the body, in the aura. These auric chakras are meant to be quite big, but, when our children are not happy, these chakras can be smaller or thinner than they should be. In turn, this affects the amount of life-force, that indefinable energy, that is supposed to flow into our psyche via these chakras. When the chakras are "in good condition", the aura is correspondingly stronger, and this in turn, helps the child to be emotionally stronger.

What is a chakra

Chakra is a Sanskrit (the language of yoga, and very similar to Hindi) word meaning "wheel". Chakras are found in our energy field, the aura, and are touching the body. They are in the front of the body, and at the back of the body, connected by an invisible tunnel. In everyday life, and in healing, mostly the chakras at the front are used.

There are also the same chakras in the perenium, inside the spinal column, and inside the head. These are quite different in colour, and attributes. They are generally dormant and awaken through many years of spiritual disciplines. But, here I am only talking about the chakras in the aura.

We all have chakras in the aura, and these are very much to do with the current life. They can look like soft clouds of colour in the aura, or a spiral. They can also look like a tornado, jutting out from the body, with the base chakra going down between the legs to the floor, and the crown chakra going up from the top of the head. The chakras turn, like a wheel. It is best if they are turning clockwise as this direction opens up the incoming energy flowing through them. The colour of each chakra can vary from person to person. These images are from cameras which can capture elements of the chakras in the aura. The first picture below is of someone performing a difficult and highly energising yoga pose. The chakras look strong. The second picture looks as though the person is more relaxed. You can see how the aura and chakra colours of the two pictures differ.

                            Related image

                    Related image

As an aura healer, I have always been involved with chakras in regards to healing. So, rather than giving attributes of each chakra in the aura, I will tell you what I look for instead during an aura healing. I am so not in accordance with a lot of things said about the chakras, and I prefer to only talk about what I know from my own personal experience.

Qualities of the chakras in the aura

The base chakra, between the tops of the legs at the base of the torso, is how we walk through life. Obviously whatever our life is like, and whatever has happened in our life, affects how we walk through life. Lift your head up, walk tall and be positive, to keep the energy here strong.

The second chakra is on the pubic bone. It has to do with our deeper emotions. From deep sadness through to joy, and the expression of them.

The navel chakra, like the previous two, also involves emotions, particularly those from childhood. Here we are prone to absorb others' emotions, and also to be drained emotionally by others.

But, and this is important, our innate nature expresses happiness as the main emotion through these three chakras. They also provide intuition as gut feelings, and instinctive feelings.

The heart chakra is at the centre of the chest. You will not be surprised to read that we store deep trauma here. The expression of love is, of course, from this chakra. Here we "feel" truth.

The throat chakra is just above the collarbones. Our emotions do get choked here, making it difficult to express ourselves verbally. And when we "find our voice', we are then able to express truth. It is also where we are able to hear what is truly being said, rather than just hearing the words spoken.

The eyebrow centre is actually between the eyebrows and a bit above. It has to do with clarity, insight, and the ability to make good decisions. Here we "see" with truth.

The crown chakra enables many troubling thoughts, to literally fly out through the top of our head (a true blessing). It also allows the more cosmic, loving, energy to flow down into us.