28 October 2017

Emotions and The Prana Body

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                      (what lies beneath our blocked energy)

prana is needed for all aspects of our life

Definitely prana, life-force, affects our koshas, our body sheaths. And when our physical body is low on prana, we are low on vitality. Our body doesn't work so well.  Prana starts to leave the body before death, so we can assume then, that prana is essential to our well-being, to our very existence.

but it gets blocked

Sometimes, though, prana gets blocked, inside of our body. And this happens to us all. What is blocking the prana? It is our emotions. Emotions are an integral part of our existence. Emotions make us human.

emotions talk to us

We could say that emotions are part of a communication system. Firstly, they are not the only communicators, see here, plus our senses communicate to us too. But, feelings are a more direct form of communication. When we get past thinking that we are a body with thoughts, wants, desires, when we start to accept that it's not just about the little aspect of oneself, then we start to experience the totality of being a human being.

Sadly, this is not often the case in the yoga world. Too much emphasis is placed on whatever one thinks of as one's mind, and too little emphasis is given to how the complexity of the human being, actually works.

Our emotions 'talk' to us, in the form of sensations, and feelings. They are part of the human journey in a lifetime. They are linked to the body, and to more etherial parts of us, as well as that magical part of us which is to do with self-expression in a lifetime.

Our feelings are our friends. They are part of us, but are not all of us. They are always communicating to us.

action and reaction

A basic 'law' of life is that for every action, there is a reaction. And emotions are strongly involved in this.

There is a Morepork (New Zealand native owl) calling as I write this. An action. My reaction is to pause, smile, and listen. I also notice that I am experiencing happiness on hearing the bird's call. Some part of my being is letting me know, via the feeling of happiness, that this is a good, and pleasurable sound. It is a safe sound.

We hear a scream of fear. We react by rushing to see if the person who screamed is alright. We don't even stop to realise that a similar fear reaction has taken place in our own psyche.

In both of these examples, there was an action, and a reaction. Our emotions were involved. In the first instance, happiness, in the second, fear for the person who screamed in in fear. Our senses were also involved, both times it was the sense of hearing.

All parts of us, work as a whole. Each part needs the other.

It is the same with the more esoteric aspects of our being. They too, work together as part of the whole.

And so do our emotions.

sometimes we shut down our emotions

This is a major problem in life, and spirituality, today. We are encouraged to 'be detached', not react emotionally, in yoga. As one progresses along the spiritual path, ideally one should develop more equilibrium emotionally. And yet, more often than not, with the expectations of what is spiritual, we often just appear to have equilibrium, whilst deep inside, our feelings get pushed down, and they hide in the body.

where do the emotions go?

This is where both the annamaya (food sheath) and the pranamaya (life-force sheath) kosha are both affected. Emotions are often stored in our gut, and the less than desirable emotions can start to amplify. Such as sharp pains in the gut, causing digestive upset. The pranamaya kosha is intimately involved with Manipura (navel) chakra, for this chakra is the seat of energy in our body. Not kundalini, but prana. So it can be difficult for the portal to the pranic sheath, at the navel, to open and reveal the prana body., when it is tight with difficult emotions which we have hidden.

what is the true emotion

And yet, the main emotion from that area, the emotion which lies beneath our sorrows and pains, is happiness. Intense happiness. That happiness cannot be a true ongoing state of being whilst our emotions are blocking it.

21 October 2017

Koshas 3

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Each sheath has a skin

Going back to the body sheaths, which I've also written about, in part here and here.

A sheath implies that it is a holder, a container, for something. Like a knife sheath, in which you can insert your knife. Each of our five sheaths, are indeed containers. Each has a "skin", a layer surrounding it, which holds everything in.

Another dictionary meaning for sheath, is that it is a structure in living tissue which closely envelops another. Also suggesting, to me, some sort of "skin".

Every living thing in the cosmos has a skin. Of some sort or another. A container, holding the contents in, and each skin relates to a purpose. We have skin around our nerves, muscle fibres, heart, organs, body, aura. So, the skin of each is particular to, each individual thing.

It is no different with the spiritual elements, aspects, chakras... whatever!

Skin of any sort should not be underestimated. For it is one of the parts of us that collects information. As an aura healer I can definitely tell you that the skin of one's aura picks up information, energetically, and we respond, often with feelings. So, if someone dangerous is near you, the skin of your aura, and also of your physical body, relay that information, and we become uneasy, or frightened, because we have received information that we are in danger.

In the same way, the skin of one aspect of our being, "communicates" to another aspect of our being. Our koshas do not stand completely alone, alienated from each other. On a level that we may not understand, the matrix of our individual koshas, create a matrix of the koshas as a whole.

But, they do reveal themselves individually, during the spiritual journey.

Each of these bodies are part of the spiritual journey. Each needs to awaken to bring us to the Highest Aspects of our Being. And yet, none of these koshas stand alone. Each kosha is it's own living entity, but each also needs the other koshas for us to exist in a lifetime.

Each kosha, sheath, has a particular purpose, as part of the Whole:

  • Physical/annamaya sheath/kosha: the food sheath. The physical body.
  • Life-force/pranamaya sheath/kosha: the movement of prana within that sheath. The prana provides fuel in the form of life-force for all of the bodies.
  • Mental/manomaya sheath/kosha: this is our mind body sheath. Because our thoughts are created from our emotions, the emotions are part of this kosha too.
  • Astral/vigyanamaya sheath/kosha: home of the chakras.
  • Bliss/anandamaya sheath/kosha: a golden sheath pertaining to our Highest Aspects.

The Play of the Divine Aspects, is contained within the koshas.

Maya is the creative force of the universe, the Play of God. Each of these koshas has the word maya as part of it's meaning. The Play of Divine Consciousness within each kosha, manifesting as something created, within each kosha. However each kosha, has more than one "thing" inside of it.

Inside each koshas are spiritual spaces

They are spaces that have specific purposes. spaces within spaces. These spaces are realms. Just as the physical body has many different parts of it in order to function, so does each kosha.

They make up the jewel that is the Human Being

Each of the koshas contains jewels of our hidden Inner Being. These jewels are part of the journey to one's supreme nature.

16 October 2017

The Heart & it's Power

Some misconceptions about some chakras

It is often said that the lower three chakras: 
mooladhara (root chakra)
swadhisthana (sacral/second chakra)
manipura (navel chakra), are all about Oneself. 

This is so silly. Of course they are about You.

Amazing attributes have been given to them, but just briefly, we can see the Established views below, on these chakras, and once again, I'd like to be clear that I do NOT agree with these explanations. I can only concur that the people spouting this information (including those from the Ashrams which claim to be experts), actually don't know what they are talking about.

Mooladhara: commonly said to be about security. It is "said" that a blocked mooladhara means that you have personal issues about your own security, and think 'base' thoughts, are selfish, greedy, blah blah....

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Swadhisthana: sex. What else is there to say. Unbelievably, it is 'via' this chakra that people think it is okay to be promiscuous. Being 'Tantric.' Expressing oneself, being dynamic.... and these two I do agree with, they are true here. Not having sex with someone who wants it? ... blockage. Again, that's silly, and also manipulative to think this way.

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Manipura: apparently, if you are successful at business, you may have an awakened Manipura chakra. This is not true. If you have a big belly, you could also have heaps of prana (the seat of prana is to do with the navel chakra), or you have a big blockage there. Really?

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In reality, very briefly

  • Mooladhara is about the dawning of great spirituality, plus an awareness of, and an understanding, that everything is not about oneself. Amazingly, knowledge starts to unfold from within (not all knowledge!!) when this chakra awakens. One truly does not know where it comes from.
  • Swadhisthana is the chakra where we do have great dynamism, and are very expressive. The taste of Amrit (an exquisite, Divine taste) fulls one's throat, and you just don't get hungry! We start to be acutely aware of other people's deep essence.
  • Manipura: there is no worldly ambition at this chakra. There is the Knowledge of Energy, and living in that knowledge. Plus, you just wish The Absolute Best for all beings. No selfishness.

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The heart chakra and the heart

The heart chakra is called Anahata. Of course, there is a relationship with one's heart. Because both the heart chakra, and the heart, have Love as the primary attribute.

As mentioned above, it is commonly believed that the lower three chakras are All About Oneself, and it's also commonly believed that Anahata takes us into the spiritual realms. I hope that I have dispelled this inaccurate notion.

Anahata is not only about Love, it's also about the Soul. So is the heart, but in a different way.

Love as the Great Experience

From Anahata onward and upward, all Inner Experience has the vibration of Infinite and Embracing Love. I always say that if someone is telling you how highly evolved that they are, yet their behaviour, words, everything is not congruent with Love For All.... then they are not the person who is Highly Evolved.

I did a reading a while ago, for someone who did Love, Ascension, and Heart chakra workshops. Their anger and jealousy that they displayed during the reading, left me in no doubt that they really knew nothing about what they were proclaiming. This is not uncommon.

But, are the chakras, especially Anahata, the definitive Love experience? Of course not. That strong feeling that goes through your whole body and envelops you whilst the centre of your chest is so filled with love.... this is the Love Experience. As mere mortals, we may often experience this in special moments. But we all can experience it. Without having an Awakened Anahata chakra
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Love in the Other Realms

Is there Love in The Life Between Lives? (chuckle) Of course!!! Love abounds there!! I recently gave a reading to a woman whose Mother had recently Passed Over. In these cases, those of us who are left behind to continue in this realm, we are still grieving and vulnerable. This woman's mother showed her how she (the mother) was with so many people whom she had loved before, from this life and previous lives. And that she was happy.

But the most amazing part of the reading, was something I had not seen before. I feel so privileged to have seen it. Mother showed a realm of Light and Love, emanating from her heart, like a Realm. Like a circular portal around her heart where one entered the realm. Inside that realm, around the physical heart (even though that realm is not at all physical, but you get the idea, I hope), were many people, looking out of the heart portal and smiling. They were all immersed in Love.

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We never leave those whom we have loved

And this was precisely the message, in that moment. We carry that love for various people, through our incarnations, whether the incarnations are in this realm, or in the Lives between lives. Love does not die. We are connected through Love.

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