21 October 2017

Koshas 3

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Each sheath has a skin

Going back to the body sheaths, which I've also written about, in part here and here.

A sheath implies that it is a holder, a container, for something. Like a knife sheath, in which you can insert your knife. Each of our five sheaths, are indeed containers. Each has a "skin", a layer surrounding it, which holds everything in.

Another dictionary meaning for sheath, is that it is a structure in living tissue which closely envelops another. Also suggesting, to me, some sort of "skin".

Every living thing in the cosmos has a skin. Of some sort or another. A container, holding the contents in, and each skin relates to a purpose. We have skin around our nerves, muscle fibres, heart, organs, body, aura. So, the skin of each is particular to, each individual thing.

It is no different with the spiritual elements, aspects, chakras... whatever!

Skin of any sort should not be underestimated. For it is one of the parts of us that collects information. As an aura healer I can definitely tell you that the skin of one's aura picks up information, energetically, and we respond, often with feelings. So, if someone dangerous is near you, the skin of your aura, and also of your physical body, relay that information, and we become uneasy, or frightened, because we have received information that we are in danger.

In the same way, the skin of one aspect of our being, "communicates" to another aspect of our being. Our koshas do not stand completely alone, alienated from each other. On a level that we may not understand, the matrix of our individual koshas, create a matrix of the koshas as a whole.

But, they do reveal themselves individually, during the spiritual journey.

Each of these bodies are part of the spiritual journey. Each needs to awaken to bring us to the Highest Aspects of our Being. And yet, none of these koshas stand alone. Each kosha is it's own living entity, but each also needs the other koshas for us to exist in a lifetime.

Each kosha, sheath, has a particular purpose, as part of the Whole:

  • Physical/annamaya sheath/kosha: the food sheath. The physical body.
  • Life-force/pranamaya sheath/kosha: the movement of prana within that sheath. The prana provides fuel in the form of life-force for all of the bodies.
  • Mental/manomaya sheath/kosha: this is our mind body sheath. Because our thoughts are created from our emotions, the emotions are part of this kosha too.
  • Astral/vigyanamaya sheath/kosha: home of the chakras.
  • Bliss/anandamaya sheath/kosha: a golden sheath pertaining to our Highest Aspects.

The Play of the Divine Aspects, is contained within the koshas.

Maya is the creative force of the universe, the Play of God. Each of these koshas has the word maya as part of it's meaning. The Play of Divine Consciousness within each kosha, manifesting as something created, within each kosha. However each kosha, has more than one "thing" inside of it.

Inside each koshas are spiritual spaces

They are spaces that have specific purposes. spaces within spaces. These spaces are realms. Just as the physical body has many different parts of it in order to function, so does each kosha.

They make up the jewel that is the Human Being

Each of the koshas contains jewels of our hidden Inner Being. These jewels are part of the journey to one's supreme nature.

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