3 May 2018

Head, Heart, or... ?

Why do we need to know: head, heart, or ... ?

The issue here really is in knowing the difference between what each is used for. When we know this, and use each accordingly, we can have much more peace of mind. And, a happier, less stressful life.

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Our heart is for:
  • love and compassion
  • truth
  • integrity
  • governing the health of our physical body
  • it is the connection between the physical part of us and the spiritual part of us
    "let your heart be the centre of your being"

Our head is for:

  • listening
  • speaking
  • collating facts
  • working out facts
  • making decisions based on facts
  • remembering things                         
   "use your head (mind) for thinking logically"

But, we tend to use our head, in this case, our 'mind', to work out things emotively. Or, we make decisions and judgements, based on our likes and dislikes, and our presumptions according to what we 'believe'. We are strange creatures.

Sometimes, erroneously, we believe that we are 'intuiting' decisions and judgements, but unfortunately, our intuition is for something else:

"intuition is the act of pure knowing. It has no judgement."

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Once we add thoughts or feelings, to a pure intuitive 'thought', or 'knowing', we have then contaminated that flash of intuition. But, even the most intuitive of people do this, because we are all human. However, if we can catch onto that intuitive moment, and take it as it is, without 'colouring' it with our own 'stuff', then we have a powerful tool to use in our lives. A user-friendly tool.

Intuition is not, however, the only form of knowing that we have. We receive information, on so many levels. We see others' body language, and often without realising it, we receive silent visual clues as to their behaviour. A dog always knows what is going on, according to it's owner's habits and body language. We often pick up such information, too. Without recognising it.

But there is another area of our being which is constantly communicating with us, and which we often ignore:

"our feelings are our inner knowings trying to talk to us"

Why are our feelings important? They are telling us about our own reactions. They also often 'pick up', in an intuitive form, what is really happening around us. Many of us tend to ignore, or bury, feelings. Unfortunately, when someone has been traumatised, this whole area of our being, gets jumbled up, and our feelings from the trauma can also be very overpowering.

However, we are feeling, loving, creatures. And our feelings have been vastly under-rated, in the spiritual scheme of things.

If we can understand that our feelings create our thoughts, then we can understand how vitally important that they are.


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