17 January 2019

Even more spiritual realms and such

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Time to be more "me", with this blog 

I am resurrecting some posts from my clairvoyant blog, which is now no more.  I decided to do this, as my knowledge is no longer just yoga. I am someone else now, not just a yoga teacher and spiritual yoga teacher, and I have been this way for some time. And it just feels more honest to be myself. I'm sharing quite a lot of knowledge and experiences, as these days there is so much interest in The Divine aspects of life. Life, in this context, meaning The Cycle of Life. From one realm to another, to another. Over and over.

The Heavenly Realms

Today what I'm writing about is The Life Between Lives, which of course, is many realms. We could understand these realms better as being "heavens". Differing realms of "heaven".

We don't recline on clouds, hanging around with angels and such

No, because for so many, there is work to be done in these realms. I have met some amazing people who have had "special" roles "on the other side".

A friend, who was an amazing woman from my yoga ashram days, passed away. After the funeral, she "appeared", like a vision, and spoke to me about how her role in another realm is to help people move from this realm here, to that realm, once they have "passed over". So, once they were there,  she was like a guide to that realm, for them. As she spoke to me, she was radiant, light was streaming from her. So lovely. And in the lifetime which she had just left, she had been such an amazing person, and a true spiritual seeker.

Another person who is a prolific gardener, and I've mentioned her previously, she "weeds" our "body"  when she is in the life between lives, removing much accumulated "gunk" which had accrued from trauma. We will still carry the vestiges of trauma, in some form or another, when we pass over. But it is lessened in that other realm, by this "weeding" and also other ways, so that the strong memory of it is not with us for the following life on earth. So, that trauma which she weeds, looks like an ugly dirty black. She cleans us up so that our inner light can shine. Mysteriously, the plants in her garden all grew not only very large, but also leaned to where she did her meditation.

Another friend, who also gardens, plants flurish around her, is an amazing Reiki healer: Divyamurti/Diana Radcliffe . The energy which can pass through her in a Reiki session is so strong and profound, as she channels intense love energy. It is this energetic manifestation of love which does the healing. When she is in the Life between Lives, she runs her hands over our light body to remove gunk from trauma and also to lessen the effects of that trauma. So, that is another way of lessening our hurts in the Other Realms.

I did a reading for a woman who would, literally, reach out her hand, to guide people through the blue mist that separates this realm from the life between lives realm. That was her role. And in this lifetime, she has done that too. Reaching out a hand, helping and guiding others who are having a bad time.

Our life is more than just suddenly coming into creation, then having a life, then moving into Heaven. We are in a circular wheel of karma which includes the lives between earthly lives, and we have tasks to do "on the other side" as part of our evolution. And those tasks, such as the ones mentioned here, are frequently mirrored on a less grand scale whilst we are on this planet of blue. Of course.

It's not all peace, love and light, though

But sometimes, when a person passes over, they find it hard to accept the way that the life that they had just left, was, or aspects of it, when they "pass over". Sometimes such a person will refuse to admit that they did things that hurt others, or they might refuse to believe that they are not a great incarnation. Even find it hard to come to terms with a sad or traumatic life. And this is okay, too. It still is part of our journey. I have done readings whereby the person had a life where they died tragically and slowly, such as with cancer, or a slow death with drugs, with all the life issues that led to that experience being hard to come to terms with "on the other side".

In these instances, we are "lost" in another realm, some might call it purgatory, until we come to being able to "move on", literally and figuratively, to the more celestial aspects of the life between lives. And in my heart, I am 100% sure that this has happened to all of us, at times. It is, after all, part of our cycle of Life.

9 January 2019

more portals

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What are portals?

Portals are unseen entry and exit sites. Some portals are for just for entering, as in my previous post where I described a soul descending from the heavens into it's mother's foetus. Whilst there is a different portal for when our current incarnation is finished, and we must return to the heavens. So that is an exiting portal.

Portals here and there

Portals can be seen, usually by a clairvoyant, others can feel them. Sometimes I will see one, other times feel it, and yet on other occasions, just know that it is there. They can be in many places, in particular where there have been war battles. I have seen one about 5 minutes drive from where I live, it's on a long, side road which is a connecting road between 2 suburbs. When I first drove through it, I could feel the change in vibration. And in the closest township, there is a very busy, short, side road where I nearly got hit by other vehicles one day. Another time I did get rear-ended. Needless to say, I do not drive on that road anymore! Generally, these portals are not beneficial to us.

Portals inside of us

There are a few portals inside our psyche too. They are the gateways to the spiritual realms inside of our subtle body. And, of course, these are lovely portals.

As a long time chakra expert, with knowledge gained from experience, rather than from "talk" or books, I have long felt that chakras are portals into realms of expanded consciousness & greater  knowledge, with each chakra being quite different from the others.I don't really subscribe to current thinking about what each chakra is for, mostly due to my own experiences. And, if truth be told, I am quite adamant that the chakras are not really what the current modern thinkings, are.

Portals to the cosmic realms

And there is a particular portal that takes us into the cosmic realms: most profound.  I had never heard of this portal before I experienced it. With the cosmic realms, guides who are extremely elevated in the grander scheme of things, can contact a healer or clairvoyant much more easily. And this cosmic realm gives access to angels, archangels and gods. Very special indeed.

And just so you know, there are also portals in space. There is so much more to Life, on all levels, than what we know.

Through the portals come our loved ones

When someone contacts us "from the other side", they too seem to me, to enter through what looks like a slit in the ether. Yes. Truly. The first time that I saw it, I was stunned, I had never imagined that it would be like that.  To be honest, I saw the slit, then my step father who had passed over, then a woman's voice which I recognised. It was his deceased sister, saying: "I never knew you (meaning everyone who had passed over) could do that".

I also recall the first time that I noticed a change in the ether, years ago, when a friend died, I "saw" a slit in the ether. And I knew that he had gone.

When bad portals abound

When unwelcome psychic "stuff" enters our homes through portals, the home first needs a physical clean, then a psychic cleaning, then the portals closed. I was living in a house not so long ago, where heaps of quite awful psychic stuff was happening. No matter how much I psychically cleaned the house, it just kept happening. I went around the outside of the house and found lots of portals. I sealed them all, one by one. Since then, I always make sure that there are none in my current home.

Unbelievable magical portals

One of the most magical portals, is to the faerie realm. I never knew such a place existed. Yes, it is in a special place.

And, amazingly, I did two readings recently, regarding portals. One was using a giant stone, like the Stonehenge ones, for a ceremony, whereby the person whom I was reading for, went through a portal on the side of that giant stone, into another realm. This was so many years ago, and obviously in the culture of the time, were shamans whose spirit could travel into unseen places. But to do that, a portal was needed.

The other one, was using a portal to gain blessings. In this case it was blessings for newly born babies. Again, thousands of years ago.

I know that this all seems so fanciful, but over the years I have learnt that thousands of years ago, there were cultures that were far more sophisticated than we could imagine.

2 January 2019

Heavenly Portals

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Entering another, esoteric realm

Some years ago, I had a vision of being in an ethereal place of white light. Light was streaming out of everywhere. I actually freaked out as I thought that I was leaving my body. I wasn't, of course. But I was in the afterlife. 

The Secret Garden 

Prior to that, in other instances, it was of being in a garden, of such overwhelming beauty. I have since been to this garden a couple of times. Once I saw myself as a young girl, running laughing, in that garden. It was at the end of my life about 100 years ago. I (the girl) was so happy to be back there! 

In these instances, the first was my consciousness slipping into that ethereal realm (I don't know how!!), and the second was my psyche recalling an experience. Both times, I had to be in a Higher State of Consciousness to do that. Which came from decades of serious meditation.

Sometimes, we can just slip into these realms, but usually there are portals or entry-ways to get to them.

The portal between this life and the afterlife

And, in a meditation, I once saw a girl, in a grove of trees. She was standing in a stream of white light, looking directly at me, in a portal between this life and the "heavenly realms". This portal grove is where we can "remember" what we came to this incarnation for, and we can also meet up with those who are still coming. The girl whom I saw was joined by my Dad (RIP). He was looking at me to let me know that she was family. A coming grand daughter or great grand daughter. Lucky me. I so knew her!!! (But I forget how I knew her)

The soul portal to enter into a life

Interestingly, I have "seen" an entity descending into her mother's womb, into the fetus. I was taking a lovely woman through a Yoga Nidra for that occasion. Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation technique. And of course, for a mother to be in a deeply relaxed and elevated state when the entity comes down, is a wonderful thing. I had been roughly told the technique for doing it, but of course, it wasn't a "technique" as such. It was what actually happens. So, being me, I could "see" what was happening on those spiritual realms of incarnation, and I just talked the friend through the experience, as if doing a deep relaxation. That was such a special moment for me. And for her. She said after, that everything I said was what was actually happening (chuckle)

The entity doesn't just suddenly turn up! There has to be a way to get in there. And the way into the womb, is through a portal in front of the tree of life. This particular one, is in the realm of the life between lives. We go down that hole, that portal. It is our exit route from the life between lives. And our entry into this realm is via a chakra coming out of the navel, in the aura, Manipura chakra. 

The chakra starts to spin very, very fast, and as it goes faster and faster, like a vortex, the entity, the soul, quickly descends. It is so miraculous. And this happens about the time that the mother starts to experience baby moving in the womb.

The Afterlife tunnel does exist

And of course, something has to be a route for us to leave this life. The portal that we traverse between this life and the afterlife, is a white tunnel. We don't just glide up out of our body and into the heavens. No, we go via a route. That route is in a realm. It is very rare to just "go there". Obviously.And, there is a place that we go through to get to that tunnel. We go through a blue mist which is similar to, but not exactly the same, as sky blue. It is like a wee journey to the tunnel.

And, I am so not writing about how to get to that mist.