17 January 2011

Chakra power for achieving goals

At the start of a new year, we often set up goals...which often don't manifest. We tend to use "should do", 'determination', or 'want' to decide our goals, and none of these have staying power, because they are not in alignment with our destiny, nor with how our psyche actually works.

First choose something close to your heart. In the heart space, is the heart chakra (anahata) which has strong will, and a smaller chakra attached to anahata, sitting over the pancreas and stomach. It's about wishes, and destiny. When we start to do things which our heart is telling us to do, we are more in touch with our path, and many obstacles will disappear, whilst many opportunities will suddenly appear. Like magic. We are in sync with our destiny.

Have a goal which also incites your passion, which is from the 2nd chakra, swadisthana. Swadisthana also has unconscious mind. We cannot force things by fighting with our deeper layers of mind: unconscious forces usually win. But, we can use the energy and excitement of passion to propel us to achieve our goal, and, make sure that this goal is not threatening to you.

Muladhara (base chakra) is about preservation, instinct, unconscious behaviour. If we feel at all threatened, we will behave our way out of achieving our goal. This chakra is connected to Anahata so we are likely to feel secure about doing things which are in accordance with our destiny, our Path.

Energy, prana, is a bit different from passion for something, it's more like having fuel to do what we need to do, and it's found at the navel chakra, Manipura.

Each of the chakras 'brings something to the party' when we are moving in accordance with our destiny. Mysteriously, when we are not flowing in sync with our path, we don't have the energy to continue with our choices.

When the goal is close to the heart, fuels passion, is non-threatening, we can then use the power of mind: ajna chakra (3rd eye) to visualise the desired outcome. Add this visualisation to your yoga nidra practice and you will be well on the way.

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