16 January 2011

Some secrets of Mooladhara Chakra

So, more secrets of mooladhara. The outer petals are more to do with energy, although, as previously noted, the karma for this lifetime is contained within 1 of the 4 petals, near the feet. When you consider how mooladhara is to do with security, if we have a healthy sense of this, when chased by something dangerous, what would be the most secure, unconscious behavioural thing to do?? Run, of course. Use those feet!

When we feel threatened on any level including mental/emotional, we can deal with the hormonal stress effects (cortisol in particular) by walking quickly for a couple of minutes. Practice Antar (inner) Mauna (silence) at the same time...Antar Mauna is a very specific meditation practice taught by Satyananada Yoga. It's invaluable for dealing with the deeper urges within us, the ones which we feel so personally about, they obscure the inner beauty which is inherent in us all. Part of Antar Mauna technique is to deliberately think 'bad' (very bad!!) thoughts about what/who ever is bothering you. Do this whilst walking very fast and hard. Doesn't have to be for long. Then, push those thoughts away, deliberately. Imagine pushing each problem into the ocean/rubbish tip/fire etc. Then have a bit of an amble. Always finish on a positive note.

You can do this before meditation too, just get those negative aspects out, then push them away. It's a great way to lower blood pressure. Don't make it a 24/7 thing or you'll end up stuck in a cycle of venom. Practising Antar Mauna for a period of time changes us, very positively. We become lighter inside. I recommend learning off a cd as it's quite hard to do it on one's own if you're a beginner.

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