30 November 2012

Easy practices for Mooladhara Chakra

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it's easy to stimulate mooladhara/base chakra

You can add a couple of asanas to your daily practice:

Wide-legged standing forward bend:

Hold for 10-20 seconds with your eyes half  closed and gaze gently at the nose tip. This posture done this way will energise mooladhara. When mooladhara energy is lifted, we are happier. This pose helps with rejuvenation of the physical body, which mooladhara is very much responsible for.

Note that the legs don't have to be so wide that it feels horrid but you do need that opening between the buttocks. The head doesn't have to touch floor, and if you can't reach the ankles, you can just hang the arms. Do yoga poses for the glandular, and nervous system affects, rather than stretch and extend, and you will progress quickly. And you will look and feel great.

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Butterfly forward bend: 

sit with soles of feet touching, knees bent out to sides, fingers around toes. Feet a little bit forwards of the groin. Exhale and bend forwards, aiming elbows to the floor in front of calves. Hold pose, gazing at the nose tip as above. This is calming and also affects mooladhara this way, with a gentle, blissful energy which we experience in the brain/mind complex.

Chakra meditation: 

visualise a ball of ruby red, held down by 4 crisscrossed black lines, holding the chakra tight and still. Imagine that you cut these ties with a light sabre, causing the ruby red ball to be freed: it spins, fast, clockwise. Then sit and experience the energy from the chakra rising up (it's quite gentle). Watch the inner space after.

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