16 June 2013

more asteya

so, if satya is truth, & asteya is honesty, what is the difference? Both indicate that we need to be truthful, & honest. Truthful is when we are being honest, or, what is truthful, & honest, to us at a particular time.

Honesty has a clarity, like a sparkling gem. And, it is also a gem. When that honesty shines through, that clarity, a person is in no doubt as to the truth of a person, a situation, a truth, etc. We just know.

This knowing, this honesty, makes it very difficult for us, at some point of our spiritual evolution, to stay with anything, anyone, that is dishonest. A concept, doing something, saying something, being somewhere, on any level where we feel the dishonesty, we will come to a point whereby we cannot excuse nor condone that which is dishonest.

We then have a spiritual jump. We go up a notch. And we feel much better inside of ourselves, our mind is less tormented, we get less sick, & because we are operating within spiritual guidelines, whether it's yoga, a religion, an atheist, it doesn't matter........we find our life just gets better.

For anyone with children, wanting their children to 'do yoga' etc....do this: live in honesty, be truthful, find ways to not have grudges. Your children will think that this is the way we're supposed to be, & they will be that way also. They will have better lives, be happier, be healthier.

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