25 September 2013

more on ahimsa

I saw a quote by Amma, Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani, from Ananda Ashram in Pondicherry, on the occasion of her 70th birthday. She said that: Ahimsa involves protecting oneness against unconsciousness, the one and only enemy.

Becoming conscious is one of Yoga's treasures. With a yogic attitude & consistent yoga sadhana, the inner consciousness will grow. We start to develop an awareness of life, of what's 'right' & what's 'wrong'. With this a stronger sense of one's self begins also to become stronger. We start to 'walk our path', fall more into line with our destiny. We develop our voice to learn to talk with truth.

We move into not only a sense of our own one-ness, but also the sense & sensation of being one with all, even if we are not going to be/do what 'all' are doing. We begin to feel the deep essence of ourselves, & of others, & connections between ourself & others become more real.

There is another aspect to this oneness. It's at a Higher level of consciousness, in an area of mind that we can find & develop. This Higher consciousness can only be maintained if a person is true to walking a spiritual path, true to being a good person, true to living, as best as is possible, ahimsa, non-violence. Because this Higher consciousness exists in that realm of ahimsa.

But, we start of course, at the level of the everyday awareness, ahamkara, the sense of identity which we can & do, identify with. This ahamkara is such a strong part of our make-up, &, as such, needs nurturing just as much as a deeper spiritual aspect. With ahamkara, we can develop our conscience. Which in turn guides us. Our conscience is close to our heart, it develops the heart's emotions, helps purify the karmas, & is one of the keys to being present in our Higher Consciousness.

Higher Consciousness leads us to one-ness

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