2 November 2013

the intelligence of the physical body

We have another mind. The mind of the physical body! Yes! Who would have thought so? Those of us who have too much thinking mind, or too much feeling mind, we are so removed from the physical body-mind.

The intelligence of the physical body, it has it's own area in the brain. When we are connected to this mind, we have awareness of our body's needs, & we are less governed by our thoughts, &/or feelings, in this area. So, our gut also has a connection to body intelligence, but this mind of the physical body that I'm now referring to, it's mooladhara, base chakra, & it's in what's called the 'reptilian' brain. It governs so much of how the body works, it's usually on an unconscious level, but we can tap into it.

We can awaken this mind. This will bring much happiness. We are supposed to have our bodies functioning properly, it's one of the everyday ways that we can be happy, this area of the psyche actually has a strong base of happiness, & we can also experience the profound sensation of bliss through mooladhara chakra.

In spiritual life, we can get stuck on the physical level & develop a rational aspect to the yogic understandings & levels....not true knowledge this, but it frequently happens. Or, some of us race through all the layers & realms & chakras etc etc ...& leave the benefits of mooladhara, & on an everyday level the physical body, we leave all this behind!! ......And have to go back & sort it out.

Some of us relate completely to this physical body/mind complex. This has it's own pitfalls, just as it's too unbalanced to be 'lost' in the thinking mind, or 'lost' in emotions. We can get 'lost' in action/reaction, in the area of psyche where we relate completely to our own sense of survival, & selfish wants. It's a part of the body-mind. Very useful when one is in danger, but it's very difficult for others to live with someone like this.

Mooladhara chakra is directly linked to Anahata (heart) chakra, & also to Ajna (3rd eye). This suggests to me that we need to be balanced between body/mooladhara, heart/anahata, & mind/ajna. Our Higher Mind resides in Ajna, so we are bringing in the element of a stronger sense of self, through the body's mind, & through the heart/feelings. plus through the more discerning mind/ajna.

It has been found that dancers have this area of the brain quite small in comparison to many of us. So, I would assume that many other sports people, & ashtanga physical yoga people have so, too. Could it be that in some of us it's enlarged, like having an enlarged, sick heart? Could it be that this area of the brain, this aspect of mind, needs to be 'used' as in physical exercise, to keep it healthy?

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