10 January 2014

our shadow realm

when we are traversing the shadow realm, we will be very psychic, we will also see others' shadow aspects, sometimes in dreams, meditation, or yoga nidra. Do not be alarmed, this is quite 'normal'. And, surprisingly, we will also be quite accepting...well, I was, so I'm assuming that everyone else will be too. We will see the person who smiles all the time & is always sweetness & light ..... but their shadow side is full of anger ...... maybe even violence. Such a person (& who amongst us has never been that person!) might not even be aware of what's inside of them, they may have pushed it down, over & over. Or, someone's shadow side might be that of a wretched person, from karmic suffering, over & over, but their main operative aspect could be highly spiritual. I'm giving examples as I want you all to know that this is perfectly 'normal'..or...this is just the way that it is. And just so you know....it's inside you too. Buried deep. Nothing to get worried about, we all have shadow aspects. And we have other, more beautiful aspects too, for we are multifaceted beings.

In the shadow part of us roams a wolf. You may have heard that we have 2 wolves: that one is fed with avarice, greed, malevolent thoughts, & that the other is fed by love etc. It seems to me that the 1st wolf is not so much only fed by 'bad' thoughts but is more the product of 'bad' things happening to us, big, bad things which create deep trauma. These traumas (some examples: war, rape, murder, extreme cruelty, trauma to our children, plagues, famine, etc), these are all big karmic events & somehow our psyche needs a representation of the mental, emotional & behavioral outcomes of them. Hence the so-called 'bad' wolf. Myself, I don't see it as bad at all. I see it as the form of ourselves which has, literally, lost it's way. It roams in the darkness, in the shadows of part of our psyche, lost. Rangy. Cowering.

In this shadow realm are our anguishes, our emotional pains, our deepest fears. Please understand that these fears have nothing to do with 'having our own way'. They are crippling fears, from extreme trauma. We have them here, like having them in a house, or a box. This is where they live.

In this realm is also a darkened aspect of our 'tree of life'. There is a tree of life for each lifetime, very beautiful when you finally get to see it, but at the shadow level it's a bit pitiful. Dark, barren, droopy. And, surprisingly, this realm also has a beauty of it's own. Hauntingly lovely...it seems eternal. If you don't already love the night...this realm can bring you to appreciating it.

As we traverse the differing spiritual realms (& the shadow realm is definitely part of them), we go 'past' the shadows.....we go further into the light. This is at another realm. The chakra & realm where our tree of life blossoms, is rich, lush. Here in this realm, the other wolf appears. It's the wolf who 'shows us the way home'. She is a spiritual guardian, & very beautiful. She's the one who is 'fed' by love etc etc. But, again, I don't quite see it that way. When the deep well of universal love opens within you, the white/grey wolf will appear. She is truly lovely. You haven't so much 'fed' her with pseudo-'love' aka emotions & concepts & illusion. You have revealed her due to the deep true eternal depth of love inside you. Inside us all.

She is there to let you know.....that you are On The way Home. Home being your own true, Higher, nature. You have gone past the shadow realm. You are now part of The Light.

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