22 June 2015


I was listening to a video from a large international yoga organisation...there are several of these organisations now in the west, but I felt that it could have been any organisation's info that I was listening to.

Specifically, I was listening about mooladhara chakra....the speaker was talking about this chakra with "knowledge" that I did not have. I felt small & a tad ashamed...how could I not have known what she was talking about? She started talking about instincts, apparently there are 4: food, sex, sleep & self preservation. And stating emphatically that this was what mooladhara was about. As I listened, I stopped feeling that perhaps this was a good talk.

I feel that what she said, is, in a way, correct, but it isn't really correct. I base this only on my own knowledge. I am no different than anyone else, but just as some people have specific abilities & knowledge about art, or maths, or a sport, or making something with their hands, I have this knowledge about spirituality. And it is earned, experiential knowledge, that is, I earnt it by living the yoga life & doing the correct practices, & I know it from personal, profound, experience of the chakras, koshas, tattwas etc.

I feel differently about mooladhara being involved with the instinctual nature.  One night some years ago, I had an experience whereby my energy just left mooladhara, it was about the time that my ajna (3rd eye) chakra awakened...properly awakened. Because I was in a very heightened state of awareness & energy that night, there was no fear....but...my legs would not work! I was sleeping in the bottom floor of a house, the bathroom was in the floor above......I pulled myself up the stairs, crawled through the house & onto the loo. I was aware that I had to go to the toilet but there were no sensations in my body, even my arms could only just work. So there I was in this exalted state, & my body could barely work. Plus, the body mind/mind connection was barely working. Did I care? Not at the time.

So I feel from this that the instinctual nature of mooladhara is linked to the part of the brain which unconsciously keeps the body working. This is the instinct: the body has to work, we have to breathe, eat, move, eliminate, & our body instinctively keeps us going. It's not about animal instincts as some organisations say, nor attending to the 4 instincts mentioned above, in a superficial way, no it's programmed into us that we need a physical vehicle for an incarnation, & this vehicle's workings are linked to the chakras, amongst other things.

I had a mooladhara awakening after practicing yoga for less than a year. I shall never forget it. I drove to the class, & there was a stillness, an energy, in the air. It was so strong, so mystical, so calm.  I didn't know at the time that this was just my experience, & "the stage was being set" within me, for the awakening. We did a camel pose, I had never done it before, & as I rose up into the backbend, a bolt of white lightning shot up my spine from the base of my torso into my brain. I kept going with the poses we were doing, but remember thinking: "how strange, a bolt of white lightning just shot up my head into my brain". I didn't know what was going on, but I did know this: forever after, I knew that life had changed, I had changed, I was a stronger person, I started to "know" things, I was more aware.

But there was more to come with this chakra for me. It's important for me to tell you that although this chakra "woke up" that night, the mighty spiritual kundalini awakening came later. I once attended a talk where a buddhist nun was talking about how she was enlightened, her energy had come up come from the base chakra via the spine into the brain. It actually goes to just in front of the final chakra frontier, sahasrara, so I suppose that's why she thought she was enlightened. It was a disquieting talk. There was no Higher Awareness coming through, no expression of Divine Love. It was definitely not an enlightenment talk.

I feel, but have no actual proof, that these chakra awakenings are connected with the "silent" parts of the brain, & through the awakenings, abilities manifest. The brain is a majestic organ! And, our brain is related to our mind, so we have "mind" awakenings also with each chakra, areas of mind "wake up" also. Brain & mind work in tandem for this to happen.

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