26 June 2015

moola/original; dhara/current

mooladhara/original current. Original current, abode of the mighty kundalini energy.

 Kundalini is our own inherent energy, inherent because it's within & because it is destined to be part of us. It is our own (hidden) source, of our original, spiritual, energy. Kundalini is symbolised by a white snake, & this is exactly what she does look like...a beautiful, female, white snake. She sleeps at mooladhara, waiting to be awoken. And then when the kundalini has awakened, & also travelled up the spine into the head, a current simultaneously goes up our spiritual spine & is established there as a live current emanating up from mooladhara. Like an electrical current.

Any activity from mooladhara chakra is profoundly spiritual. This chakra is the gateway to bliss, & the awakening of our own inherent spiritual knowledge. It is where we start to walk in spirituality. The majesty of this chakra should never be underestimated. It makes us more.....more of ourselves.

It has a "trigger point": the nose tip, above the nostrils. Nose tip gazing is one of the main stimulation techniques for this chakra, & not only does nose tip gazing stimulate the energy there, it also correspondingly calms the mental aspects, the deep seated trauma from this life & preceding lives. And this is where the security aspect of mooladhara comes into play, for security is one of our needs, security within ourselves, about ourselves, & mooladhara is associated with security. Even on a very simple level, nosetip gazing promotes feeling secure, by calming our brain wave patterns, thereby simultaneously soothing "unknown" trauma stored in this chakra.

 Often, these hidden trauma memories are triggered off by smell, smell being one of the qualities of this chakra, hence the importance of the nosetip. When we are highly sensitive to a smell that we associate as unpleasant, to us, it doesn't mean that we "have a highly active mooladhara chakra". No, it means that we associate that smell with a troubling memory which has it's basis in trauma, whether we are aware of the original memory, or not. The quality of smell from this chakra is something else: it is the Divine Smell of your own psyche. It comes, fleetingly at first, & over a period of time it becomes the smell of you, that you feel is both within & around you. When this happens, you will be walking in true bliss, a peaceful, loving bliss. It will be one of your own inherent qualities, come to life.

Mooladhara is also associated with instincts, & I feel very strongly that in many yoga organisations, this has been misunderstood, or....dare I say it?.....people have not known what they were talking about! So it's the instinctual aspects of the very old part of our brain, the part that keeps us going physically. But......we have these traumas, these unconscious memories & as a healer I can tell you that they are stored in the right hand petal of mooladhara chakra. They are also stored in the heart chakra, anahata....& other chakras too, of course. Both anahata & mooladhara are connected in the body via the vagus nerve.

Many people, observing people's patterns, think that this is only what the instinctual nature of mooladhara is about: just the instinctive reactions to extreme stress. Anyone who is bullied repeatedly, or subjected to terror & other traumas, will have instinctive behavioral/thought/feeling patterns which have emerged as part of being terrorized.

It has been a failure of yoga teachers to take on book or verbal knowledge which has not had it's basis in truth, & act on that false knowledge. Mooladhara has nothing to do with this. It is the beginning of Inner Truth manifesting within your awakening spirituality.

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