9 November 2015

spiritual practices for kundalini

The correct way to evolve spiritually is to have a daily practice, no matter what path you follow. It can be "short & sweet", but it is best done daily as much as possible. This builds up our prana, our life-force, & although it is an overall effect, the chakras are recipients of this prana as well. Our whole being is affected & stimulated, in particular the physical, pranic, mental & astral bodies. With a daily practice we build up the energy, by degrees - everyday a bit more prana is added to the storehouse of prana that we have already built up.

I have met people who "are enlightened" & generally, they are not. Any silly behaviour such as boasting, shaming, ridiculing, not answering spiritual questions (because often, they don't know the correct answer) demonstrates that the person is in no way enlightened.

There are many people on this planet whose kundalini has awoken. Honestly, most of us have to do something on a regular basis for this to happen, & the majority of those who have awakened will have done practices to achieve this. Kundalini stimulation, activation, awakening & going up to reside in the brain, are all separate facets of the kundalini journey, each leading to the other.

This is the daily practice that I first used, & did so for many decades, & is excellent for kundalini purposes:

Start with Agni Sara Kriya, standing version. Similar to uddiyana bandha, this "fans the fire": the digestive fire & it "fans" samana prana which has a direct link with manipura chakra, & the kundalini. Stand, feet apart. hands on thighs above knees....find the correct placement for your hands. Inhale deeply, exhale fast pulling abs in towards spine, hold breath out, push hands down on thighs, pull up abs towards rib cage, whilst you are tucking your chin into collarbones. Then, still holding breath out, push abs in & out, starting with 3x, then up to 10x. Inhale, relax & repeat 2 more times.

Then do some asanas:

  • surya namaskara - at least 3 rounds of any style. You can do more, which is better. But if you try to do more & can't keep up with it - go back to 3 rounds. If you want to increase your prana, & work on the chakras, don't get into extreme stretching, nor going slowly. Move that body!! Go fast to build up an energy. Kundalini is not, I repeat - not! about stretching, nor postural alignment. Rest in savasana after. 
  • a twist - I have used a reclining twist, done 3x with the breath; the same pose, relaxing into the pose for 5 or more breaths each side; or a dynamic seated, legs wide twist.
  • a backbend - bow is best, if you can't do bow, do cobra, which is what I did for years, before going to live in an ashram & then doing the bow pose daily instead. Do 3 - 5x  of whatever pose you are using: up/inhaling; down/exhaling; or hold for 5 breaths, done 1x. Backbends stimulate the navel chakra, manipura, & also the pranic body, by direct association with manipura.
  • 1/2 shoulderstand - 11 to 27 breaths. Against the wall is fine, if you can't do this pose, then do the bridge pose instead as both your backbend & 1/2 shoulderstand substitute. 

All other poses are great too, but this is a kundalini-specific, small set of asanas. If you do the minimum, it's maybe 10 minutes, which is very doable. 

followed by pranayama (breathing)

  • bhastrika (bellows breath) This is the kundalini specific pranayama. Do groups of 5 breaths, building up to 5x 5 breaths. Then move into 3x 10 breaths, then 3x 15, then 2x 25. Just do both nostrils together. Finally move into 54 or 108 bhastrikas in 1 round, doing just 1 round. Avoid if you have high blood pressure. 
  • nadi shodana (alternate nostril breath). Start with simple in/left; out/right; in/right; out/left, no breath retention. Do 3 rounds, work up to 5. For years I just did nadi shodana, no bhastrika, & I had 2 chakras awaken in that time, so again....I know that this works.
There are other wonderful pranayamas too, & bandhas & mudras. 

then simple contemplation/meditation. Spinal column awareness with Om chanting out loud on the exhale, or up/down with ujjayi & kechari if you wish, are excellent. Watch the Inner space after: do not skip this step!!! We absolutely need to allow the modifications of mind come & go, with us being The Silent Witness, the uninvolved witness, of the mindstuff. So many people do not allow this, they get agitated & just can't do it. Relax, just do it as if it is neither here nor there. Take the stress out of it.

If you really want to "up the ante", add another sitting of meditation before sleep.

Note that if you do meditation lying down, it then becomes relaxation. It's always best to meditate seated as this creates an energy effect, which kundalini is about. Get the energy moving!! Sitting around thinking, daydreaming, reading, or talking, about kundalini, does not cause it to awaken. Trying to "make the practices better" is not necessary, either, because they will work without us making things hard.

The next thing to do is to be a decent person. In yoga we have the yamas & niyamas, which are guidelines for living, really. They are 10 principles for bringing inner peace.

The yamas are like moral restraints: they allow us to feel good within ourselves, they give us peace of mind & allow us to function easier both in our life & in society.

The niyamas are more about self training, or self care. Again, these too have the side effect of making us feel good about ourselves.

Don't obsess, nor pontificate, nor do yama/niyama - shaming. Just do your best.

Keep physically busy. Going back to energy, for kundalini purposes, for quite some time (many years!) in our life, we will need to keep ourselves moving. Find a purpose in your life. That will also help.

This post is but a start...if you need guidance or advice you can email me at ratnamurti108@gmail.com. My facebook page is ratnamurti saraswati.


  1. I so love reading your posts now when they pop up on my Facebook. Miss you and your amazing insights. Love n light Nikki

    1. thanks Nikki xxxx we're moving on soon to swadhisthana chakra which was so many years ago for me!!! It's such a lovely chakra.


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