19 December 2015

swadhisthaana chakra

Moving up into the next chakra. A very misunderstood chakra. In the aura it is a beautiful, strong orange. The actual chakra can be seen, side on, going straight out from the pubic bone. If we are walking around with a big smile & we are "hiding" something, as in an unhappy situation, it will droop down behind us, from the lower spine, looking like a tail. As we become happier, it lifts & goes straight out behind us, because that's what it looks like when we are happy. Directly out front, & directly out from the lower back. When we are especially happy, it can curve up behind us, like an erect tail.

There are 6 petals. In the aura they are a brilliant orange, in the inner realms the petals are more burnt orange. On a more advanced level, they are a dusky-sort-of-burnt-orange. The petals surround a circle: inside the circle is black sky, & to the upper left is a crescent moon. A bit less than the 1st quarter of the rising moon. This sky is the 1st inner experience of the cosmos, one's consciousness leaps out & up into this black sky, so to have this experience is a mighty spiritual happening.

Below the black sky is pitch black water. It is the ocean of samskaras, & is also experienced in greater intensity & depth in Ajna chakra. Samskaras are deep, latent impressions, from past-life trauma, waiting to manifest at some stage, in the appropriate time & life. We are not able to control these samskaras, despite many people believing otherwise. They are part of us, they travel through time with us, and yet - they are not the true "us", the "us" which is eternal, the "us" which is beyond time & space, the "us" that we are separate from.

To the left of the black ocean, inside the circle, is a sandy-coloured crescent moon with a crocodile in it. The crocodile's tail is uppermost, the head down. This crocodile is the animal of swadhisthaana, just as a brown elephant is the animal of mooladhara chakra. I have fond memories of seeing, for quite a while, a very naughty, full of fun, crocodile, in my meditations, many long years ago. And also, a raging, viscious crocodile rearing up out of muddy water, at one stage.

Swadhisthaana is my favourite chakra. And this is one of the reasons why: I once asked, in meditation: "what is the key to happiness?"...the answer was..... Swadhisthaana chakra. There is unmitigated happiness within us which bubbles up, it is profound, it is from within & it is to do with the qualities of this chakra. It is a very lovely chakra, very visually hallucinogenic & there is also an hallucinogenic effect on our mind: one is truly in an elevated, altered state, of mind. Time stands still. Everything has meaning. Here we have our 1st experience of recognising that, essentially, on many levels, we are all one. we can be very aware of others on a deep soul level. It is such a spiritual chakra. They all are, but often this chakra is relegated to the sexual realm by many who may not actually be fully aware of the depth of experience here.

This is also understandably so, for it has a direct relationship with the testes & the ovaries. But, just as Mooladhara chakra is not all about sex, neither is Swadhisthana. Each chakra is an awakening of inherent "powers" & qualities. The power of swadhisthana is joy. A bubbling, irrepressible, infinite, well, of inner joy.

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