26 June 2016

When Intention & Spirit Are Aligned

This is something that one of my cousins said to me, when we were talking, & waiting for a seminar on the heart. Not just any seminar, this is from a Tohunga. A Tohunga is a Maori mystic, healer, & spiritual guide, from a spiritual system dating back through time, so far back that no-one knows just how far back, & the teachings are taught at what is called a Wananga.....which in very easy terms, involves spiritual teachings, learning & absorption, in a setting. A lot of the absorption is done through the ancient form of Maori language, & it penetrates deep into our cellular understanding & memories, our mind, our gut, our heart. It is such a profound language, whether one understands it, or not.

So, the heart is where intention & spirit align, our heart is like a beacon of light which is supposed to radiate out, from our being. If you look up videos & articles from The Heartmath Institute, you will see confirmation of this. When we express through our hearts, with good intention, which will always have it's basis in caring, warmth & love, we actually radiate an energy which beams out from our aura towards the person, or being (animals, birds, plants, for example), & that being is affected in a most auspicious way.

And when we express in a positive way via the heart, our own whole physio-psychological being is affected. Our mind receives that heart energy, & our body is rewarded with positive cellular responses. And, conversely, when we are traumatised, a message goes out from our heart (& gut) & we store that trauma in invisible pockets of our body, & in the acupuncture points, in the heart, the gut, & the mind. This stored trauma can be stimulated by anything: a smell, a sound, something that we see out of the corner of our eye.

How can we deal with this trauma that we carry? Through the heart, for it is also a guide. It is where our love, & ethical, invisible guidelines emanate from. Somehow, the heart (called manawa in the Maori language)...it just knows. It knows ethics, it knows love. The manawa also knows pain & heartbreak, too, but it also provides us the way back to ourselves, to be able to live with that pain. Think of it as our conscience. Each time that we go against those inner qualities of the manawa, & therefore we go against our conscience, it is like a shadow passes over our heart....many shadows on, & we are living in a loveless situation, a place overshadowed by lack of love, a place of darkness. A place of no self respect.

When we allow ourselves to "come from" the manawa...our entire being is affected. It radiates within, through the whole body right down to the most minute level, & from within, far out into the aura, our energy field surrounding the body. Sometimes we just have to have the intent to do this. And a good guideline is how some one or some thing affects our self respect. If it is a negative effect....our manawa is telling us something. It does not mean that we have to radiate out love whilst someone is being mean, but it could mean that we either stand up to the person, or remove ourselves. In time, that love will shine through & the other person will be touched by it...but in life, many things can be a slow process.

One of the very best, & easiest, ways, to do this, is to resolve never to do, or say, anything that stops us going to sleep at night. We often cannot sleep because we are troubled, sometimes it is because of external things that we are affected by, but more often it is from our conscience. Our conscience, in this instance, is telling us something! Our manawa will respond dramatically with just the smallest effort of us aligning intention with spirit. We feel better, & are encouraged, from within, to do more. This is a "quickening"...our whole system is receiving a marvellous message from the manawa, telling us that we feel good because we aligned intention & spirit. We are, at this moment, in tune with our manawa.

How do we have the most beneficial intentions for, & from, ourselves? The Wananga of the Manawa teaches us to remove emotion from an intention, as it is the emotions attached to intention that creates the karma. Obviously if the intention is bad, malevolent, there will be a lot of emotion involved. Rather, act from a place of neutrality, so that your own emotions are not "spilling over" onto another person. Equally importantly, we do not then "pick up" the other person's emotions.

Our spirit radiates out from our heart, & from our heart chakra. When our spirit radiates, it is easier to act with intention from a place of neutrality. We feel closer to our own Divinity, to the Divinity of everything. We walk in Grace. We understand that the Manawa is a gift, a gift from the gods.

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