26 December 2016

a lovely spiritual secret

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Meditation technique

In our previous post I gave a channelled technique for balancing mind & emotions, sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous systems (which together comprise the Autonomic Nervous System), stimulating the eyebrow centre, brumadhya, which in turn directly affects the 3rd eye, Ajna chakra. And the technique leads one directly into meditation. So, all up, it's a real blessing, & so easy to do.

A secret blessing

But there is another direct effect, too. We have a chakra on the end of our nose, on the nose tip. Previously I had been taught that the nose tip, & the sense of smell, was directly related to Mooladhara chakra, the base chakra, & I even once found a site which gave clear directions as to how the nose tip nerves linked into the brain, the part of the brain that is believed to be the brain site of mooladhara chakra. And I believed all this, too. Because that's what "they", those who "knew it all", were saying.

Now, I am not so sure. I can actually "see" a tiny chakra on the nose tip. I am now more inclined to believe that it is it's own entity. It feels as though it is it's own entity. And the technique that I gave on the last post, stimulates this wee chakra. I am not too sure of the colour of it as yet. But I can tell you that it is to do with exalted states of mind. Bliss. Sublime vibrations.

The Divine scent

And the smell of sandalwood. The smell of the scent which comes from the nose tip chakra, produces a spiritual type of euphoria...and it is in itself, a very balanced, clear, & Divine state. One is completely The Silent witness with this smell. Somehow the nose tip is connected to brumadhya, the eyebrow centre, & also connected to The Silent Witness, Ajna Chakra. So we are talking about a very high state of consciousness & energy, here.

It is not the base chakra

It does not feel as though one is "sitting in" the reptilian brain (where the common site of mooladhara chakra is believed by many, to be, as already mentioned), with the smell of sandalwood emanating from oneself!!! 

The reptilian part of the brain is "one of the 3 major areas of the brain, & is named the reptilian brain because it includes the main structures found in a reptile's brain: the brainstem & cerebellum). This area of the brain controls the body's vital functions, such as heart rate, breathing, body temperature, & balance." (thebrain.mcgill.ca) This area of the brain is still functioning when we have spiritual experiences.

How could it not? But, due to my own experiences, I seriously question whether it is the site of mooladhara chakra. And whether the sense of spiritual smell is mooladhara chakra. I know that the sense of smell has been associated with mooladhara, but I am saying here, most definitely, that this seems to be a different experience, with the nosetip chakra. And I am very open to being proved wrong...or right...whatever.

The smell is faint & fleeting, at first, but then, over time it becomes more & more strong & lasts longer. It will last as long as one is in that state of consciousness & energy!

And this could be why the scent of sandalwood is so prized in incense & oils. In some way, we can get a mild glimpse of a sublime state through the smell.

Beginning technique

Nosetip gazing, whereby the eyes are gently slit, & one gazes at the nose tip, is an excellent beginning technique for this chakra.

You can read someone's experience of a nasal chakra awakening here. They are not my experiences. And I do feel that my experiences differ because I have "worked my way up" the chakras, so I have already had many weird & wonderful experiences.

I have seen the nosetip chakra on Ascension sites & such. It is not a "new" chakra that only special, evolved people have or get.....it is, however, an integral part of the overall chakra system. And, it has not been included much in the scheme of things. I suspect that this is because it doesn't seem to "fit" in with the kundalini/spine ascension. 

And also because one has to go up very high in consciousness & energy for the awakening of this beautiful chakra. In other words, if you don't get up high enough in the spiritual scheme of things, you won't discover the secret of the nosetip chakra.

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