10 March 2017

Atlantis revisited

Using crystals in meditation

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                          (theoretical depiction of Atlantis)

I was at a recent meditation night at a friend's home,  Carolyn de Silva. Carolyn teaches meditation with the appropriate crystals for whatever we are doing that night. 

When she showed us a stone that enables one to connect with Atlantean times, or energies, I immediately took it to use that night, plus selenite, which totally resonates with me, and a couple of others.

I had a question in mind, to do with a matter of the heart, however that was not what transpired. Not at all.

Back to dark times in Atlantis

I regressed back to Atlantis. To the dark times of that civilisation, when healers and many other people were being persecuted, executed, electrified...... the list goes on. Many people had been driven underground. Literally. We were living in deep caverns, underground. For safety. I am quite sure that I was a healer at that time, working with others to heal the sick, the broken.

I had been aware of this lifetime, for quite a while, and, amazingly, a dear friend, also a healer, was from that lifetime. She and I had run into the cavern, from outside, and were running down steep, winding steps which had been carved out of the walls of the roughly built cavern. 

My friend was quite a bit ahead of me, when, suddenly, but I did not feel that it was unexpectedly, a massive flash of searing, bright light exploded outside the entrance to the cavern. It was a nuclear blast.

All of this, so far, was not new to me. As I had said, I was familiar with that lifetime... it was the blast, the steps, my friend.... I had "seen" them all before. And, amazingly, I have also "seen", many times, doing readings or regression, that the Atlanteans did indeed create nuclear devastation, with their bombs. 

Atlantis went for a long time. It had long periods of glory ......but darkness and corruption did set in.

In that lifetime, my back had taken the impact of that bomb, and along with it, the nervous systems connected to the spine. I died, slowly, of radiation poisoning, in that life. I wasted away, and the radiation ate away at my gut. I died, eaten up from inside, from that nuclear blast, lying helplessly on a rock. I ended up skeletal before I finally died.

An Atlantean past life gave an answer for this life

The night of the meditation, I was also concerned about the many food allergies that I have, and this was, I feel, as a clairvoyant, the answer to where my tendency to have allergies, first started. I expect things to get better in this area now, but over a period of time.

A mysterious shape

Was transpired next, was, quite frankly, puzzling. Remember, I was using a crystal to reconnect with Atlantis plus using selenite and two others, so it was a potent mix. And I had regressed even further back in time from the previous life (above). I was somewhere up very high. If you can imagine a rocky mountain with a step cliff face at it's edge, you would get an idea.

And I was looking down at something, which, initially, I just could not recognise nor understand. But I shall endeavour to describe it. 

It reminded me of photos of crop circles, actually, but it wasn't one. There was a circle cut into the landscape, with a long, vertical strip coming off the top of the circle. Everything I am describing was also cut into the earth. Then, intersecting the vertical strip were about six shorter strips, spaced at regular intervals, up the strip. They were not as long as the vertical strip, They were quite short. 

I was so puzzled. Everything was blank, there was nothing at all on the circle and strips. At the top of the vertical strip was like a crescent moon shape. The base of the crescent touched the top of the vertical strip, and the points of the crescent curved upwards, Inside the crescent was another large circle.

I was so puzzled. What was it all for? Clearly, in that lifetime, I did know why. But, it was so long ago, and in the meditation moments, I just could not remember. I felt as though I was hiding. Why?

Then I saw it. On the horizontal strips, at the edge of each one, so that was one each side of the long strip, was a circle. Inside the circle was a cage, it looked like bamboo, and sadly, it reminded me of the cages that prisoners were kept in during the Vietnam war. 

Inside the cages, standing room only, were crowded, distraught, dirty, frightened people. Prisoners. I did not know why, as I observed this in meditation, but without a shadow of a doubt, in that lifetime. I did know. I have the feeling that I was searching, for that hellhole, and that I was not alone. My gut feeling was that it was a rescue mission.

So much for the glory of Atlantis.

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I regressed even further back in time, and I still feel that it was Atlantean times. This was all happening spontaneously.

It was evening, and I was outside, alone, looking up at the stars. I was known as The Starwoman. I was different from many people of the time, very mystical, and very immersed into my spirituality. I had a good feeling about this lifetime. It felt so familiar. I felt that I had knowledge of astronomy, and also, that by gazing up into the evening sky, I could tell the future. Like astrology. And, interestingly, in this lifetime, my horoscope says that I am an astrologer. And knowledge of where, how, and why to grow crops, gleaned from just gazing into the heavens.

But even more importantly, I could communicate with stars and planets, mentally. I know that this sounds outlandish, but I am just recalling that lifetime. Our planet has a name, according to Maori, and it is female, a goddess, and is a living, breathing entity. The sun, in many cultures, is a god, the moon a goddess. Therefore, why not all the other celestial stars, planets and moons?  So, it was communicating with Gods and Goddesses for me in that lifetime. Even in this lifetime, that is all quite acceptable to me.

I was wearing garments that reminded me of some very authentic Tibetan boots that I had, over 30 years ago. They were very small, so I was given them, as I have wee feet. And the fabric that they were made of was quite like felt, and there was Tibetan embroidery on them. I loved them! I feel that in the starwoman liftime, I had mystical symbols embroidered on my clothes and what reminds me of crystals coming off the main garment, knotted into mystical shapes also.

I love the evening sky, for it makes me feel close to The Divine Aspects, and I am quite sure that the wonderful starwoman life left those feelings inside of me.

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