22 March 2017

The Woodland Folk

There are so many different types of faerie

I have encountered a few different types of faeries. I well remember, when I was newly pregnant with my 3rd child and living in a bach (tiny beach abode) at Piha, on Auckland's wild west coast, walking outside by the bush, and knowing, with absolute certainty, that if I wanted to, I would be able to see faeries. There was a heightened energy that went with this knowing, and I always recognise it as "faerie time".

The most magical road

A few months ago, travelling by car through Fitzgerald Glade, just out of Rotorua, I could feel the slowing down of time, and the heightened energy of faerie folk. These ones were like children, laughing and running with the wind, at the same speed as the car (100 kilometres an hour!), and felt sure that they were doing this, because they knew that a person who had faeries around them, was passing through (myself). It was so magical, and there were quite a few of them. They were white, ethereal.

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(The Fitzgerald Glade....the faeries were to the right, running just behind the first line of trees. It looks so ordinary, but it was so magical, and, is famed for being magical)

Another type of faerie

Later that day, we went to some Springs. New Zealand has many beautiful bubbling springs, and these were also quite close to Rotorua. The Hamurana Springs Reserve. We stopped on a bridge over a bubbling spring, and, on the side of the stream across from us, in the shade of native trees, I could see a woodland person sitting, Just Being. He was quite different from The Fitzgerald Faeries, a different type, more "woody", somehow. For, he had bits of wood coming off parts of his body, as part of his body. And again, the size of a child, an older child. Very slender, a woody beige colour.

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                              (Hamurana Springs)

The Woodland King

A few weeks after, I went through a gorge which is renowned for the woodland faeries. And they appear to be the same type as the one that I saw at Hamurana Springs. This gorge is between Tauranga and Gisborne, very long, very windy; dense, high bush; hills and valleys everywhere. You could get lost in this bush.

I soon began to feel dizzy and queasy. To be fair, I am prone to motion sickness, and the New Zealand gorges are so windy! Which really emphasises being car sick. I got put in the front passenger seat whilst we wound our way as fast as was safe, through the gorge. 

As we went further and further into the gorge, I was getting sleepy... which is not part of car sickness for me.  I felt as though I had to hold onto my own consciousness, for dear life, as it were. Suddenly I started to dip into the unconscious mind, and as I did, I saw Him. 

An older, male, majestic and stern, woodland faerie. Again, he too had wood growing out of him, and some leaves too which I felt denoted rank. I felt that he was like The King. There was a sense of awesomeness about him.

Without a doubt, he was trying to make contact with me. Only, this time, I was not so secure about it all. I pulled myself out of my unconscious fog to break his spell over me.

By the way, not all faeries have wings.......

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