18 April 2017


I've done regression for quite a while

I used to write out the unbelievable stories that I took people through with regression, and I would ask my clients if it was okay to write about them. Then, the somewhat temperamental computer that I had at the time, seemed to eat all my stories, before dying. I was so obviously not meant to write about those stories at that time.

What happened in the past, does matter now

Now, years on, I still continue to be amazed at the history of a person that comes up. And, occasionally, for myself, something relevant will arise from the deep depths of my consciousness, adding yet another answer to the puzzle of my own life. 

For past lives do have relevance on a present life. I have heard people say some really weird things about karma and past lives, but I only go by what I have seen (clairvoyance), felt (clairscentience) and heard (clairaudience). 

But many have strange notions

Rather than go by what I can intellectualise, as I feel that some of the views and ideas that I have heard about past lives and karma, are actually 1st World musings.

But I do know this: at the level of a lifetime, we are not usually truly understanding or what people are going through with karma. 

Sometimes, honestly, we might have a very hard life because we have had so many recent ones whereby we were looked after financially and in other ways. And it just might be time for a person to stand on one's own two feet, without support.  

Or, we might been born with amazing qualities and gifts, but also have a difficult life. Because perhaps those amazing gifts combined with hardship and sorrow might be the vehicle to be able to achieve wondrous things. 

Or, it's not about us, in the bigger scheme of things, but someone else in our life.

I do know that we don't just sit up in "heaven" and decide what sort of life we shall have. That is definitely a 1st World fantasy.

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(don't know that this is Lemuria, but I can tell you that it was an advanced and deeply spiritual civilisation)

A sad ending to a life in Lemuria

I had an experience regarding myself and another person, someone with whom I felt that I had definitely travelled many highways and byways of lives. 

I knew, I just knew, that this experience was a memory from the mystical place of Lemuria. It was not a good time. The skies were black and red, and angry-seeming, with tumultuous clouds. We were by a coast, trying to move fast, to safety. The sea was quite choppy. 

We were maimed and my partner was dying. I was sick, and trying to help him walk, but it looked as though he was taller and older than me, so it wasn't easy. He was someone of great spiritual importance and authority.

I felt that we were fleeing from great catastrophe of human doing. We were suffering the effects of nuclear bomb and/or fallout. All around us, the devastation of nature was enormous. 

And from all of that long time ago, I still had those feelings from that incident. They were still inside me. As I write this, I still feel the hidden grief. It is as though it was yesterday.

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And a beautiful Lemurian life

I had another experience regarding Lemuria, in meditation, even further back in time. There was snow everywhere, and rainbows! Some were like bubbles of rainbows. Blue sky. So beautiful. 

I was using a Lemurian crystal at the time, but, I am not an expert on crystals. And I have learnt, through Carolyn, that it is not just one crystal that does the work, but the combination of crystals.  

Best to contact my friend Carolyn de Silva for any crystal information. (ps I have no idea what was going on in that memory, but it was all so lovely. And familiar, amazingly)

Lemuria was a missing piece of past life puzzles

Lemuria was a very long time ago, and although I have done readings for others for that place, I had not gone back there for myself, until recently. I did so many readings and regressions of places and times, that I felt were familiar, but could not work out where those places were. Now I feel most definitely that many of them were from Lemuria.

I have read some totally weird, and to me, stupid, stories about Lemuria. I will tell you that it was a vast place, I always felt that it was a continent, but I did not feel that it was the Americas, Europe, Asia, Russia, Africa, nor the ancient continent that was off India. One of the reasons that I felt this, was the snow memory. Lemuria was lush, and beautiful. A deeply spiritual and ancient culture. Long gone.

Where was it?

Where was Lemuria? I started to see a world map during some of these readings. Lemuria was in the Pacific Ocean, the many islands of the Pacific Ocean, including New Zealand (Aotearoa). These places were like the high points, geographically, of Lemuria. There is a legend of a demi-god, Maui, who fished up the North island of Aotearoa. Where it fits in here, I am not sure, but as a clairvoyant, I do believe it to be true.

Lemuria went for far more years than we are capable of comprehending. The stirrings in our Spirits from so long ago, are manifesting in these times. This is such a gift.

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