26 April 2017

my heart it is a-stirring

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My heart 'tis a-stirring

...to write about deeper aspects of spirituality, again. The call of the heart in this direction, towards and being immersed in, spirituality, is something that my heart just cannot resist.

Over my life, my ideas about spirituality have so changed in one way, yet never changed in other ways. For a few years I thought that one had to practice deeply spiritual yoga in order for the spirituality to flow. I lived in an ashram at the time.

When I left that ashram, I started to meet wonderful people who were deeply spiritual, and did not practice yoga. And over the years, I have met many spiritually minded people who do indeed live a yogic lifestyle, but, unfortunately, I have also met many who promoted yoga but were not nice people.

What does make a spiritual person? I do believe that it has to do with the stirrings and emissions of one's own heart.

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Our heart pulsates out through the energy field that it emits. Have you ever met anyone around whom you instantly feel happiness and serenity?  My Nanna made me feel this way. She was not only emitting the vibration of love, but also the vibration of a person who was kind, gentle, and true to herself. To me, this is true spirituality.

I consider myself to be extremely knowledgeable, through personal experience, about the differing realms of spirituality such as chakras (energy and consciousness centres), koshas (the physical and spiritual bodies of a person), tattwas (the elements)...., akashas (the spiritual spaces inside our psyche), etc.... etc. 

But the main thing that I have learnt on my journey is that there comes a point of experience whereby we must express ourselves with, and through, love.

I feel that when we come to this point, no matter what path that we have been on, or whether we have been on a path or not, that a choice is to be made. Do we stay as we are? Unable to trust our own innate spirituality? Do we harden our heart, and push on, without expressing the heart vibration?

The heart vibration, is of course, love. I feel that the opposite of love is not just hate, but also indifference, selfishness, coldness, uncaring, and malevolence. Not a pleasant place to be. The heart vibration is giving, caring, sharing.

Our physical heart is the bridge between our feelings and our intuition, and yet, it also does seem to have it's own mind. When we allow the beneficial expression of the heart, our own heart becomes healthier. Our whole body becomes healthier.

We all have a heart. We do not need to have an "awakened" heart chakra, to be able to allow our inner loveliness to flow. When the inner loveliness does flow.... the Inner Light is there for all to see.

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