1 April 2017

The Ancient Norse People

Regression has taught me so much


For quite some years I have been giving readings and regressions for Atlantis, and also for other times, cultures and places. Atlantis seemed to me, to be not just a place, but rather like an empire. In other words, it seemed to be spread over a large area of the globe. And I sometimes wonder if this is why there is so much query over it's (supposed) position. Many believe that it was just a place. As part of Cuba, now underwater; in the Mediterranean? Atlantis as an "empire" could have been in both places. I also think that (parts of) South America were also part of the Atlantean system.

The mystical culture from The North

And there was also a very sophisticated, matriarch-based culture in Scandinavia, which was not part of Atlantis. The first sightings that I had of it, suggest to me that it may have predated Atlantis. It was such a long time ago. 

There was a Head of the people, a woman, and she was also the Spiritual Head. The women were trained in spirituality, but I do feel that men were also. It was just part of their life. Very, very, mystical.

It preceded another ancient culture, and also The Norse

What happened to this majestic culture I never found out, but there was a matriarchal tantric-type culture which existed in Scandinavia for tens of thousands of years, long ago. I feel that this culture followed the much older one that I have done many regressions for.

It was clear that where it was, was an important route for the seafarers. And seemed, somehow to be a special part of an ancient culture. Like a spiritual Motherland. Which indeed it was. The seafarers came in massive wooden ships, which cut through the smaller icebergs and floating pieces of ice, effortlessly. I so wish I could share with you how lovely the scenery was. Exquisite. Timeless.

                    Image result for norway coastal ice

                    Norway, Sunset, Dusk, Sky, Clouds

A great seafaring culture

The ships were so big that sometimes there were 3 layers of oarsmen. And, the women would have children with the seafarers, so it looks as though many males of the culture became sailors. And, on trips to the Motherland, women would be sent on the ships, as chanters, singers, of their ancient language. In the front of the ship, there would be a main chanter, standing, who would be invoking the support of the Gods, for the sea travel. The God of the sea, the God of the wind, for example. This chanter was quite High in the spiritual scheme of things, in that culture. And either side of her would be seated chanters, just one row each side, who would be doing supporting chants, of protection. As if in a meditative state.

I have 'seen' these ships, often, in regressions that went far back in time. Back further than our history books can tell us. These ships travelled far and wide across the oceans. The seafarers had ancient knowledge of the stars, tides, weather, oceans - these were their compasses.

                    Image result for ancient norwegian ships

Their ships were enormous

The ships were like this, however, many were much bigger with a bigger sail. And high! As though there there were like more than one story high, on the ship.

What is now Norway, seemed to be the integral centre of this culture.  And we can forget marauding Vikings here. They were very strong in their lives, their beliefs, but I did not see killing, nor maiming. I have been wondering if these were the ancient Norse people. For the Gods and Goddesses were strong in the Norse culture...... but, I must confess, I am not actually sure.

Time changed things

As time went on, much of the knowledge was retained - and we are still talking about distant past here. I frequently wondered if the extremely old "pagan" system had a connection with how this culture came to be as time passed. For in later years, I could see that they used nature, knowledge of nature and plants, Gods and Goddesses. They had words of power (mantra, karakia), they worked with the unseen. Very tantric. 

They also used symbols. And, as the seafarers had travelled around the large continent of Europe and that would include Great Britain, then these "ways" would have gone with them. As part of Life.

A most amazing secret

This is the most amazing part to me: When I first started seeing this, over and over, I thought that I was going.... well... crazy. Remember that it is a very cold climate. They lived inside of the earth. There was an entry way which was a long wide, and high corridor, a large arch ceiling, with archways going off the sides, leading to other areas.

Simple, yet sophisticated, large communal dwellings built into the sides of cliffs. Inside stone. How did they do this? History has many buildings such as pyramids and temples which defy explanation as to how they were built so precisely. And the eras in which these buildings were made, seem to be going back further and further in estimate.

                    Mountains, Nature, Norway

I "discovered" this culture, by accident
It was unbelievable to me as I "watched" various stories from that distant era, unfold, over the years. After the first regression dealing with this culture, which was about a lifetime from there, the client sat up afterwards, and said of that lifetime... "I knew (all through the story) what you were going to say before you said it". I was amazed. 

I had gone to do an aura healing - cum - regression for her, which was how I did them at that time.... but, would you believe, I couldn't find her aura!

I sat, flummoxed. I didn't know what to do. Next thing you know, I am "seeing" this incredible story unfold, and hearing myself tell my client the story. Although I had been doing this for quite a while, this was my first absolutely channelled session, no healing modality used with it. And it was also when I learnt to completely trust the process.



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