17 June 2017

The "blues"

One of the most important lessons

One of the most important spiritual lessons that I have learnt is concerning "the blues". When we are "down".

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the specialness of the colour blue

I am always fascinated how such a state is called the blues, for, sky blue, and a sky blue with an undertint of white, are incredibly spiritual colours. Very High.

Even just closing one's eyes and bringing to mind the blue sky, is profound. I often include this in yoga nidra (very deep relaxation), for a subtle anahata (heart chakra) experience. It is uplifting.

Or the blue ocean, for swadhisthana (second chakra), for this is like the movement of our emotions, flowing into and out of, our psyche. Just as the sea endlessly flows, and is always moving, so do our emotions. Combined with the colour blue it is very calming. It soothes the emotions. I know that mostly the sea is blue, but sometimes it can be a murky colour, turquoise, or a soft aqua.

And, in ajna (third eye) chakra, the experience of infinity is found. For some weird reason, I always thought that infinity would be black, as the realm of ajna chakra is. And I am sure that others have experienced other infinity moments that are different to mine, but.... mine was a beautiful blue, lighter than royal blue, with a portal. Through the portal it was sky blue.... and it had something in it, something which I have never been able to totally describe, but it was infinity.

Mind blowing, I can tell you.

the state of "having the blues'

Of course, this is totally different. Contrary to what you may have heard or read, there are no "down", nor "negative" aspects of the chakras proper. Meaning the internal chakras, which are, of course, connected to the chakras in the aura.

As human beings, we have states of emotion, states of mind, states of the physical body, states of vibration....many, many, states of being.

When we have the blues, it is an emotional state. Like a pit of negative energy. It envelopes us. It is not us, but obviously, it is part of us. Please don't attribute this to an awakened chakra, because it is not. Frequently this negative state is "blamed" on mooladhara (base) chakra; swadhisthana (second) chakra; or manipura (navel) chakra.

The main emotion from these three chakras is immense happiness. Whether your chakras have "woken up", or not.

These feelings that we call negativity, the blues... whatever.... they are part of our journey in a life-time, and can have many causes. The secret is to know that when we are immersed in this state, it is an energy. And, importantly, we can have strategies to make us feel better, when we feel the blues coming on.

Learning that it is an energy, and that we can have systems, or "things" in place, to prevent, and minimise this energy, was life-changing for me. So was the experience of infinity, but learning and understanding this negative energy has been something I can do, every day.

simple, helpful strategies for the blues

Being grateful is one of the most important things that we can do to minimise feeling "down". It just changes us!! A friend was recently telling me how she goes through things that she is grateful for, just before falling asleep. 

And that, because she is grateful why wouldn't she look after herself? She was referring to many things about looking after yourself, such as not allowing unnecessary negativity into her life. And also to do things that make her feel good, and further grateful.

Unless you live in a really bad situation, there will be many things that you can be grateful for.

                          practise gratitude, be grateful

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Being an honest, kind and decent person is another. The first thing to practice in yoga, is not asanas (postures), it is non-violence. Rather than intellectualise non-violence, it is more powerful to just do it. 

                                    be kind, be decent

Just these two things to do, can and will change your life. Together, they can minimise the human tendency to descend into negative energy. And, help us climb out of this energy when we have found ourselves in the thick of it.

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