27 April 2018

Gods, manifestation, and chakras

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The Gods and Goddesses within manifestation

When we get past thinking of the Gods and Goddesses as merely objects of worship and trying to attain 'realising' them, having visions of them on a spiritual level, trying to feel their energy, (and I this is the process which I did on the yogic path - and I'm sure that many others have tried to do this, too) and instead start the process of appreciating that the Gods and Goddess are present in all creation, are Masters of creation, they are always there, then the reality of them, changes our perspective.

There are different Gods and Goddesses, for different areas of being. They don't all do the same thing. In the Maori Lore, about 2,000 are acknowledged; I don't know how many are deferred to in the yogic scheme of things.

The descent of Divinity

However, there does come a point in spirituality where the Divinity and the Gods and Goddesses become real to the aspirant. If we sincerely keep going, no matter what the path, they will be a reality on our journey.

And then we can move into the descent of energy from them. This does not happen all of the time, and we may have to wait many years for it to happen, but happen it can, and it does. 

Forget Kundalini being the be-all and end-all; it pales into significance alongside the Divine descent of the energy and reality of a God or Goddess. Having said that, the kundalini journey is a profound way for coming into the reality of the Gods and Goddesses.

Chakra Divinity

And with chakras? The Gods and Goddesses of the chakras are a reality too. Their divinity feeds each chakra with the manifested quality of that chakra, on both a knowing (God) aspect, and also a doing (Goddess) aspect.

We do not own the qualities of the chakras! They are gifted to us, they emerge, a level at a time. First there is stimulation of a chakra, and that stimulation is to do with prana. It is increased prana that is usually the means of stimulation.

Then there is awakening. These awakenings can be pleasant, or.... scary. When Manipura woke up inside me, the prana sheath, pranamaya kosha, woke up first, and it was a tumultuous happening; I shall never forget it. Nothing in any book could have prepared me for that event. 

Manipura chakra woke up that night, and, a few months later, the energy and force of Ma Kundalini awoke. I felt as though the energy of an atom bomb was building up inside of me, when the energy of Mother Kundalini was loosening, and this all happened in the blink of an eye, before it exploded. I won't forget that, either!

The chakras, they awake one by one. The ascent of kundalini is different from the awakening of kundalini. And, even after this ascent, there is still more to come, to do with the chakras.

When Mooladhara comes to life, a bolt of white lightning shoots up inside the spiritual spine, Sushumna, to the crown. It is not kundalini awakening, however. Between this, and full kundalini ascension, full chakra awakenings on all levels, there are many, many levels of understanding which emerge.

When a special energy Crown chakra (sahasrara) experience happens, the full chakra qualities are gifted by the individual Gods and Goddesses of each chakra. And, with that Crown chakra energy experience, they will show themselves, in all of their glory, seated on their chakra.

How blessed are we to have this happen!

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(mooladhara chakra with it's sounds, animal, god, and goddess)

Incorrect information

I always cringe inside when I hear people talk about the chakras, fully confident of their 'knowledge' about them. And I feel this way, because the so-called knowledge out there, is incorrect.

Chakras are to do with our psyche. They are realms which each have both a personal power, and differing abilities. I have mentioned, so often, in this blog, how the base chakra, mooladhara, is about our consciousness, and everything that we experience emotionally and mentally, becoming separate.

That is, we have a different sort of awareness. And, when we are no longer defined by what we think and feel, what we want, what we like and dislike, we are, indeed, a different person.

We are stronger, more secure in our awareness and knowingness. Perhaps this is where the silly notion that mooladhara is about security on a material level. No, it's about an inner security which is separate from the usual human condition that we have. Plus, one no longer has longings for material acquisition.

And, still using mooladhara as an example, that awareness, which does have strong intuition in it, gets strengthened with the differing layers of chakra awakenings. 

The non-attachment to the material realms, is also strengthened, more and more. Knowing this, personally, is why I get irritated at people being fed chakra misinformation.

How can, again using mooladhara as an example, what we 'think of' as our security, bear any resemblance to the non-material gain of inner security, of this chakra?

These other awakenings are not in the books, they are not common knowledge, but they do exist. I do understand, very clearly, and from personal experience, that until we experience something for ourselves, we cannot truly understand it.

And, as far as manifestation goes, these chakra awarenesses,  on any level, are part of the manifest ascension of spirituality.

When we meet this, with the descent of the Divine spirituality from the Gods and Goddesses, this is indeed powerful, and divinely profound.


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