14 June 2018

The Angelic Realm

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What does a yoga and other types of ancient spirituality blog, have to do with angels, you may well ask.

Chakra Realms

Yoga chakras are about realms and the inherent powers within each of those realms. They are about other things too.

Benefits of Ancient Lore

I also study and practice Maori deep spirituality. Within the teachings are many guidelines to practice to bring us closer to Our True Nature, and also methods for dealing with daily life, such as resolving conflicts. I do truly feel that one must balance both daily life and the spiritual journey, in order to fulfil one's destiny.

The Yoga lead me to looking for the next step in my spiritual journey, and I found the next step to be contained within the Ancient Teachings of the Maori Tohungas. And the next step within all of this was going in deeper within myself, and along the way, coming to realms beyond the deep experiences of the chakras.

The Ancient Maori Lore is very much involved with The Ancestors, both in our DNA line plus The Great Ones who have walked before us; angels; archangels, and The Gods and Goddesses. The teachings are involving the Highest forms of Divinity.

The Infinity Realm

I had an experience a few years ago in deep meditation, of infinity. There was a portal that I could take my Higher Consciousness through, to get into that realm. I did not do it. Mainly because I did not feel that I would return from it, in this lifetime. It did teach me that anything we can understand about creation, is nothing compared to the knowledge within that realm. I realised that trying to understand it, was beyond silly. So, I just accepted it.

The Angelic Realm

I became acquainted with angels at one of the darkest and most heartbroken times of my life. I felt that I could barely continue, due to all of the grief and other deep emotions inside of me. I had my head in my hands at at a table, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a small, fluffy, white feather. I realised that I had been seeing quite a few of them, and recalled how they were supposed to be a sign from angels. In that instant, I saw a shimmering gold figure to the right of me, as I felt Divine Love coming down through my crown chakra. For sure, it was an angel. I had never really given much thought to angels prior to this, but later came to have quite a few encounters with them in my healing work.

More recently, I was in a meditation group, at Anahera Crystals and Healing where we we using crystals specifically for angel work. Myself and another person who was also doing the meditation, had a very disjointed visual experience to start with. I experienced this not long ago, to do with a Godly encounter. I am sure that it was like rapid 'freeze-framing' moving quickly through realms. I then heard a voice say: 'we can be anywhere'. (of course!) This was referring, of course, to angels.

And then, I saw a blue sky, as though I was looking upwards. And I saw a cloudy white tunnel entrance, high in that sky. Since having a Near Death Experience over five years ago... I have known that a white tunnel takes us from this earthly realm into the Life Between Lives Realm. So, for me, white tunnels are best avoided!! (and for you, too!)

I heard a voice telling me that 'We are in the Blue Realm', and also telling me NOT to go into that angel tunnel. I never would have, for I recognised it instantly. It was the Infinity Realm entrance, mentioned above. The one where I knew I should not enter. The portal was actually a tunnel-type portal.

Who would have guessed?

So, to recap, angels can come to our realm. But we cannot go to theirs.

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