29 December 2018

Near Death Experience, and similar

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                           "love is the Soul's light": Rumi

NDE - near death experiences

My previous post about a near death experience which I had some years ago, sparked a lot of interest and private comments. So this really is more about similar things.

Healings when we Pass Over

I was teaching someone aura healing quite some years ago, years before the NDE. Whilst they were practising aura healing on me, I had a Passing Over experience. I was 100% sure that this was what was happening, and I was also totally surprised by it. It was fascinating and it was also a memory. And I knew that it was a memory. One of those moments in time, which changes all that we believe.

What was happening was that I was floating in what I can only describe as a sea of love. I was engulfed in it. Although, actually, it was not a sea. But I was floating in this Love. That Love was everywhere.

It was the experience of Divine Love, and it truly changed me. I realised that everything, ultimately, was about Love. Afterwards, I wanted to experience it again. It was sublime. Totally unforgettable.

And, unbelievably, I felt that people, or someone, or an entity, were pulling trauma out of me. It was dark and sticky trauma. Physical, mental, emotional. I felt that this was one of those things which happen when we pass over, or have passed over.

This trauma, it "covers" and "blocks" our life force. Which makes me wonder, as I write this: what is the other form of life-force which gives us energy in the Life Between Lives? Different, of course, from when we are living an incarnation on planet Earth.

I have a friend who loves gardening. When I did a regression for her, it was revealed that her "task", or place, in the Between Lives realm, was to sort of "weed" people when they had passed over, like the experience which I have just described. And amazingly, she is also one of those wonderful people to whom you can go when you are troubled, and in just talking to her about the problems, it is as though they just go. They go somewhere, into the ether. 

Why is there healing in the Life between Lives?

In any lifetime, we accumulate "stuff" in the form of life's experiences. That's just the way that any life on this Planet of Blue, is. No-one escapes this. It is part of our Soul's journey through incarnations. But, when taking people through regression, I can see quite clearly the impact of a terrible situation in a previous life, especially if it was the one just before this current life. Of course, the aftereffects were not as severe as a big trauma is in the current lifetime. Nevertheless, those past life traumas can impact our current life, in strange ways.

For, we are not just this one life which we are currently experiencing. No, we are far more than that. 

19 December 2018

Heavenly Entities

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An NDE (near death experience)

I had a near death (very near!) experience some years ago. I went through a blue mist. In this mist, I could see white outlines of beings moving about in the mist. One of them said to me: "so you found us".

Next thing, I could see three beings standing in front of, but actually to the side of, a curved tunnel of white light.

One of the beings had it's face turned from me. As though it didn't want me to see it's face. And, as you read on, I can tell you that I have never ever actually seen it's face, in this lifetime. Although I recognised the being instantly. It was very slender and a darkish colour, with a head which is identical to the shape of heads in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. I had "seen" this exalted entity many times, when I was doing regressions. 

When ever I would take the client into the life between lives, I would see this being talking with a person before their soul entered it's fetus for this lifetime, in the mother's uterus. 

This being is the one who goes over our coming life with us, I have seen this being so many times, whilst I have been taking regressions. We sit under a tree, The Tree Of Life. There is a hole in the ground in front of us. We must agree to the coming life, and I'll be truthful, often a person is reluctant and doesn't want to come. 

I have heard from someone more spiritually knowing than myself (and there are so many who are!), that we chose our parents. I can only relate what I know and have seen, and also experienced myself, in regression. 

I have heard a lot of silly stuff about us deciding we "must have wanted it", if life is not good. And other first world fantasies. I really don't know where such fanciful notions come from, but I query them.

 Hundreds of regression sessions over many years have shown me that this is definitely not the case, we do not grandly choose. These silly First World ideas seem to me to go hand in hand with a feeling of privilege. Once we have agreed to the lifetime, and we must agree, down the hole in the ground we go. From "the heavens" aka "the lives between lives". We descend into our birth mother's womb. The fetus is already there, developing. We move from one realm to another.

I was not allowed to "pass over", for which I am grateful. As I felt that my destiny was not yet over.

Going back to these heavenly entities, the being who stood in the middle, in front of the passing over tunnel, was outlined in white light. He was also translucent. He communicated with me. Something extreme was happening to me: my energy was roaring up through the inside of me towards the crown chakra, coming up from a lesser known chakra, our destiny chakra. 

Blue light and energy, with a deafeningly loud roaring noise, moving so fast,  with so much force. I couldn't stop it! I thought: "I'm going!" 

And I knew where I was headed. I mean, it was all so familiar, on an inner level.

I couldn't stop it. Suddenly, the Translucent Being who honestly looks just like the archetypal guide commanded: "take your energy down!" It was a very definite command. With this order, I was able to take it down to the inner space of the first three chakras. And of course, I totally recognised that being's voice. I knew it deep in my being. 

A really big surprise

The third being was the one which surprised me. In one way, in another way it did not. It's body was like a stick figure, but it had a bit more substance than that. It's head was a flame, a still reddish flame. It started to move towards me, with an outstretched arm. But with the command to end this premature departure from this realm, I lost contact with the flame and was suddenly back in my body. It was all over, my NDE. (phew!!)

To be honest, it took more than a few days to feel that I was going to stay in my body!

Again, I recognised that flame. It appears in deep meditation, & according to yoga, that flame is the individual soul. As opposed to being the cosmic soul. In meditation, that flame does not move. And, it may not appear exactly as you think that a flame would look like. 

We also have very intellectual, or emotional, or fantasy, ideas about our soul. It does sit in a secret place in a spiritual body which is inside our physical body. It's quite removed from our concepts. But still, we are questioning beings with a burning desire to come to the Inner Aspects of ourselves. Maybe it's hidden so that we need to quest to be united with it? Who knows.

I was talking with someone about her near death experience recently. In her experience, she too, saw similar entities, in particular the flame. She also works in an old folks home. One day she saw a translucent, stick figure type being, with a flame for it's head, bending over an old person's body. She was in that room in a flash, to protect the elderly person, so the flame being left. The elderly person died the next morning. The flame had come to take it home.

15 December 2018

When the space for something is right

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Sometimes we just have to wait for the right space

A friend contacted me recently from overseas asking my opinion on something that he had started. Something that I had known for a few years that he was supposed to start doing, but I wasn't 100% sure how it would start. And I was beginning to wonder if I had been wrong. I have noticed, being clairvoyant, that you can "know" that something is supposed to happen, and then it seems to never happen! That is when I again go into thinking I had been wrong about something. Then, out of the blue, the destiny starts unfolding. When the time is right. We then just step into the space that was provided in order for it to happen.

Often we hear about time and place for something to happen. Being in the right place, at the right time. Then there is also the right reason which is destined to happen in the right season. So many rights!

But, I often think of it as being like a space. A space in the ether, waiting for the right time, or reason, or season. And when this happens, that space is there. There for us to step into.

Sometimes, someone enters through a door in time

Sometimes, something, or someone, often triggers this space. In my friend's case, it was having a Very High Thinking family member live in his house. Honestly. When we have someone, who by their presence provides that space, whether they know it or not, destiny then unfolds.

I have had, more than once, someone come into my life who "opened up" something in me:

  • the healer who came into my life and hassled me into being a healer. He was right about my destiny! Even if it took him three years to have me to listen to him. 
  • another one was my mother ringing me up and insisting I go to a yoga class when it was considered something that only weirdos did. I have walked that path for decades. 
  • the man who asked me if I could contact a very Ancient & Highup entity, which I did do, easily. I suddenly became a medium who could answer questions anytime
  • the friend who told me of a Maori spirituality evening being held each week. I instantly knew that this would be my next direction

I was going to a crystal meditation group for many years. On one of these evenings,a lovely lady told us how she had prophetic dreams after using specific dream crystals, along with the intent for this to happen. Those crystals were the trigger, the time was right. Meeting The Crystal  Lady who taught her about crystals, opened up a space.

Sometimes I see people who try very hard with showing the world that they are a great yogi, or fantastic healer, or amazing clairvoyant, but it just isn't really properly happening for them. Why not? Wrong time, wrong space, wrong associations. And to be honest, with some people, it's wrong motives.

And then a person can move and live elsewhere, where it all starts to unfold. Or, they walk away from difficult situations that had caused so many problems. Then their destiny flowers.

If you feel that you are "supposed" to do something in your life, hold onto your dream, for then the space will be provided. Especially if we walk our talk, and are true to it.

5 December 2018

Electric spiritual energy

                  Lightning in Land  

What is electric spiritual energy?

I have never written about this, nor even talked about it. Let alone heard of it, nor read of it. 

Electric spiritual energy is like lightning. Can you imagine the electrical force of lightning zapping through you?

First comes spiritual thunder

There is a noise which thunder makes, a quick whip of an incredible sound. It is a colossally loud. And then, the thunder moves, inside of oneself. What is it? What is the thunder? Where is it from? 

The force behind the thunder, and the immense moving energy which erupts as a result of it, is kundalini. And, it actually comes up from the soles of one's feet. One of the few times in my life where I was actually concerned about what was happening. (extremely concerned, to be subtle about it) And I was pregnant. I was so worried for my wee baby. The force of this energy, and this happening, is indescribable. I was not even sure that I would survive it whilst it was happening. And, of course, it is quick. 

Then comes the kundalini snake

The thunder is not Mother Kundalini racing up the spine. No, it is the force, the energy, of kundalini, awaking and moving. And, being energy, it moves upwards. Into the head. The while female snake racing up inside the spiritual channel inside the spine, from muladhara (base) chakra, into the crown, is another happening. And is part of the evolution of the movements of kundalini. 

What a life changing event. 

To be honest, if people who "have had kundalini awakening" do not relate to what I have just said, then I simply do not believe that they have indeed had a kundalini awakening.

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Then, the electric energy of lightning

I am quite sure that all of these, it would be extremely impossible for it to happen bang, bang, bang. One's nervous system simply would not handle it. Our whole body would not handle it. Our psyche would not handle it. 

Four or five years ago, I was woken up by heavy sheet lightning flashing in my head, as if it was in a night scenario. I lay there. I was wondering if perhaps it had been a stroke. Then, "nah", I thought, I remember that sound: it's kundalini.

And it was, on another level. Something happened with the chakras; they became living, breathing, lotuses. 

And, further, stronger lightning events followed, at another time. They were to do with lightning zapping around my body. Noisy, sizzling, fast moving, highly charged, lightning. More potent than a kundalini happening. And, just so you know, lightning descends. Then it does something else, on this level (secrets, secrets)

I had never heard of these events, never read of them. But, I understood them.

That's the thing about this sort of energy: big knowledge comes with it. From the ether, from within. I just cannot trust those silly "spiritual" books, nor youtube with charismatic music in the background and spectacular visuals, rabbiting on and on about really silly stuff to do with chakras. It all just tells me that these people do not know what they are talking about.