19 December 2018

Heavenly Entities

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An NDE (near death experience)

I had a near death (very near!) experience some years ago. I went through a blue mist. In this mist, I could see white outlines of beings moving about in the mist. One of them said to me: "so you found us".

Next thing, I could see three beings standing in front of, but actually to the side of, a curved tunnel of white light.

One of the beings had it's face turned from me. As though it didn't want me to see it's face. And, as you read on, I can tell you that I have never ever actually seen it's face, in this lifetime. Although I recognised the being instantly. It was very slender and a darkish colour, with a head which is identical to the shape of heads in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. I had "seen" this exalted entity many times, when I was doing regressions. 

When ever I would take the client into the life between lives, I would see this being talking with a person before their soul entered it's fetus for this lifetime, in the mother's uterus. 

This being is the one who goes over our coming life with us, I have seen this being so many times, whilst I have been taking regressions. We sit under a tree, The Tree Of Life. There is a hole in the ground in front of us. We must agree to the coming life, and I'll be truthful, often a person is reluctant and doesn't want to come. 

I have heard from someone more spiritually knowing than myself (and there are so many who are!), that we chose our parents. I can only relate what I know and have seen, and also experienced myself, in regression. 

I have heard a lot of silly stuff about us deciding we "must have wanted it", if life is not good. And other first world fantasies. I really don't know where such fanciful notions come from, but I query them.

 Hundreds of regression sessions over many years have shown me that this is definitely not the case, we do not grandly choose. These silly First World ideas seem to me to go hand in hand with a feeling of privilege. Once we have agreed to the lifetime, and we must agree, down the hole in the ground we go. From "the heavens" aka "the lives between lives". We descend into our birth mother's womb. The fetus is already there, developing. We move from one realm to another.

I was not allowed to "pass over", for which I am grateful. As I felt that my destiny was not yet over.

Going back to these heavenly entities, the being who stood in the middle, in front of the passing over tunnel, was outlined in white light. He was also translucent. He communicated with me. Something extreme was happening to me: my energy was roaring up through the inside of me towards the crown chakra, coming up from a lesser known chakra, our destiny chakra. 

Blue light and energy, with a deafeningly loud roaring noise, moving so fast,  with so much force. I couldn't stop it! I thought: "I'm going!" 

And I knew where I was headed. I mean, it was all so familiar, on an inner level.

I couldn't stop it. Suddenly, the Translucent Being who honestly looks just like the archetypal guide commanded: "take your energy down!" It was a very definite command. With this order, I was able to take it down to the inner space of the first three chakras. And of course, I totally recognised that being's voice. I knew it deep in my being. 

A really big surprise

The third being was the one which surprised me. In one way, in another way it did not. It's body was like a stick figure, but it had a bit more substance than that. It's head was a flame, a still reddish flame. It started to move towards me, with an outstretched arm. But with the command to end this premature departure from this realm, I lost contact with the flame and was suddenly back in my body. It was all over, my NDE. (phew!!)

To be honest, it took more than a few days to feel that I was going to stay in my body!

Again, I recognised that flame. It appears in deep meditation, & according to yoga, that flame is the individual soul. As opposed to being the cosmic soul. In meditation, that flame does not move. And, it may not appear exactly as you think that a flame would look like. 

We also have very intellectual, or emotional, or fantasy, ideas about our soul. It does sit in a secret place in a spiritual body which is inside our physical body. It's quite removed from our concepts. But still, we are questioning beings with a burning desire to come to the Inner Aspects of ourselves. Maybe it's hidden so that we need to quest to be united with it? Who knows.

I was talking with someone about her near death experience recently. In her experience, she too, saw similar entities, in particular the flame. She also works in an old folks home. One day she saw a translucent, stick figure type being, with a flame for it's head, bending over an old person's body. She was in that room in a flash, to protect the elderly person, so the flame being left. The elderly person died the next morning. The flame had come to take it home.

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