29 December 2018

Near Death Experience, and similar

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                           "love is the Soul's light": Rumi

NDE - near death experiences

My previous post about a near death experience which I had some years ago, sparked a lot of interest and private comments. So this really is more about similar things.

Healings when we Pass Over

I was teaching someone aura healing quite some years ago, years before the NDE. Whilst they were practising aura healing on me, I had a Passing Over experience. I was 100% sure that this was what was happening, and I was also totally surprised by it. It was fascinating and it was also a memory. And I knew that it was a memory. One of those moments in time, which changes all that we believe.

What was happening was that I was floating in what I can only describe as a sea of love. I was engulfed in it. Although, actually, it was not a sea. But I was floating in this Love. That Love was everywhere.

It was the experience of Divine Love, and it truly changed me. I realised that everything, ultimately, was about Love. Afterwards, I wanted to experience it again. It was sublime. Totally unforgettable.

And, unbelievably, I felt that people, or someone, or an entity, were pulling trauma out of me. It was dark and sticky trauma. Physical, mental, emotional. I felt that this was one of those things which happen when we pass over, or have passed over.

This trauma, it "covers" and "blocks" our life force. Which makes me wonder, as I write this: what is the other form of life-force which gives us energy in the Life Between Lives? Different, of course, from when we are living an incarnation on planet Earth.

I have a friend who loves gardening. When I did a regression for her, it was revealed that her "task", or place, in the Between Lives realm, was to sort of "weed" people when they had passed over, like the experience which I have just described. And amazingly, she is also one of those wonderful people to whom you can go when you are troubled, and in just talking to her about the problems, it is as though they just go. They go somewhere, into the ether. 

Why is there healing in the Life between Lives?

In any lifetime, we accumulate "stuff" in the form of life's experiences. That's just the way that any life on this Planet of Blue, is. No-one escapes this. It is part of our Soul's journey through incarnations. But, when taking people through regression, I can see quite clearly the impact of a terrible situation in a previous life, especially if it was the one just before this current life. Of course, the aftereffects were not as severe as a big trauma is in the current lifetime. Nevertheless, those past life traumas can impact our current life, in strange ways.

For, we are not just this one life which we are currently experiencing. No, we are far more than that. 

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