15 December 2018

When the space for something is right

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Sometimes we just have to wait for the right space

A friend contacted me recently from overseas asking my opinion on something that he had started. Something that I had known for a few years that he was supposed to start doing, but I wasn't 100% sure how it would start. And I was beginning to wonder if I had been wrong. I have noticed, being clairvoyant, that you can "know" that something is supposed to happen, and then it seems to never happen! That is when I again go into thinking I had been wrong about something. Then, out of the blue, the destiny starts unfolding. When the time is right. We then just step into the space that was provided in order for it to happen.

Often we hear about time and place for something to happen. Being in the right place, at the right time. Then there is also the right reason which is destined to happen in the right season. So many rights!

But, I often think of it as being like a space. A space in the ether, waiting for the right time, or reason, or season. And when this happens, that space is there. There for us to step into.

Sometimes, someone enters through a door in time

Sometimes, something, or someone, often triggers this space. In my friend's case, it was having a Very High Thinking family member live in his house. Honestly. When we have someone, who by their presence provides that space, whether they know it or not, destiny then unfolds.

I have had, more than once, someone come into my life who "opened up" something in me:

  • the healer who came into my life and hassled me into being a healer. He was right about my destiny! Even if it took him three years to have me to listen to him. 
  • another one was my mother ringing me up and insisting I go to a yoga class when it was considered something that only weirdos did. I have walked that path for decades. 
  • the man who asked me if I could contact a very Ancient & Highup entity, which I did do, easily. I suddenly became a medium who could answer questions anytime
  • the friend who told me of a Maori spirituality evening being held each week. I instantly knew that this would be my next direction

I was going to a crystal meditation group for many years. On one of these evenings,a lovely lady told us how she had prophetic dreams after using specific dream crystals, along with the intent for this to happen. Those crystals were the trigger, the time was right. Meeting The Crystal  Lady who taught her about crystals, opened up a space.

Sometimes I see people who try very hard with showing the world that they are a great yogi, or fantastic healer, or amazing clairvoyant, but it just isn't really properly happening for them. Why not? Wrong time, wrong space, wrong associations. And to be honest, with some people, it's wrong motives.

And then a person can move and live elsewhere, where it all starts to unfold. Or, they walk away from difficult situations that had caused so many problems. Then their destiny flowers.

If you feel that you are "supposed" to do something in your life, hold onto your dream, for then the space will be provided. Especially if we walk our talk, and are true to it.

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