2 January 2019

Heavenly Portals

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Entering another, esoteric realm

Some years ago, I had a vision of being in an ethereal place of white light. Light was streaming out of everywhere. I actually freaked out as I thought that I was leaving my body. I wasn't, of course. But I was in the afterlife. 

The Secret Garden 

Prior to that, in other instances, it was of being in a garden, of such overwhelming beauty. I have since been to this garden a couple of times. Once I saw myself as a young girl, running laughing, in that garden. It was at the end of my life about 100 years ago. I (the girl) was so happy to be back there! 

In these instances, the first was my consciousness slipping into that ethereal realm (I don't know how!!), and the second was my psyche recalling an experience. Both times, I had to be in a Higher State of Consciousness to do that. Which came from decades of serious meditation.

Sometimes, we can just slip into these realms, but usually there are portals or entry-ways to get to them.

The portal between this life and the afterlife

And, in a meditation, I once saw a girl, in a grove of trees. She was standing in a stream of white light, looking directly at me, in a portal between this life and the "heavenly realms". This portal grove is where we can "remember" what we came to this incarnation for, and we can also meet up with those who are still coming. The girl whom I saw was joined by my Dad (RIP). He was looking at me to let me know that she was family. A coming grand daughter or great grand daughter. Lucky me. I so knew her!!! (But I forget how I knew her)

The soul portal to enter into a life

Interestingly, I have "seen" an entity descending into her mother's womb, into the fetus. I was taking a lovely woman through a Yoga Nidra for that occasion. Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation technique. And of course, for a mother to be in a deeply relaxed and elevated state when the entity comes down, is a wonderful thing. I had been roughly told the technique for doing it, but of course, it wasn't a "technique" as such. It was what actually happens. So, being me, I could "see" what was happening on those spiritual realms of incarnation, and I just talked the friend through the experience, as if doing a deep relaxation. That was such a special moment for me. And for her. She said after, that everything I said was what was actually happening (chuckle)

The entity doesn't just suddenly turn up! There has to be a way to get in there. And the way into the womb, is through a portal in front of the tree of life. This particular one, is in the realm of the life between lives. We go down that hole, that portal. It is our exit route from the life between lives. And our entry into this realm is via a chakra coming out of the navel, in the aura, Manipura chakra. 

The chakra starts to spin very, very fast, and as it goes faster and faster, like a vortex, the entity, the soul, quickly descends. It is so miraculous. And this happens about the time that the mother starts to experience baby moving in the womb.

The Afterlife tunnel does exist

And of course, something has to be a route for us to leave this life. The portal that we traverse between this life and the afterlife, is a white tunnel. We don't just glide up out of our body and into the heavens. No, we go via a route. That route is in a realm. It is very rare to just "go there". Obviously.And, there is a place that we go through to get to that tunnel. We go through a blue mist which is similar to, but not exactly the same, as sky blue. It is like a wee journey to the tunnel.

And, I am so not writing about how to get to that mist.

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