17 January 2014

Yogic Heart Math

There is an institute in the USA called the Heart Math Institute. Here they have been following people for decades to see what makes us have E.Q.....or, emotional quotient. Just as we have an I.Q., we also have other 'quotients'. For example an athlete has a specific quotient, as does an artist. There are quite a few different quotients. There is even a spiritual quotient. All of these quotients are to do with some type of intelligence, & each of us is more inclined to 1 or 2 quotients. And, because we are looking at different types of intelligences, it suggests that intelligence is not necessarily measured according to only our I.Q.

What does quotient mean? According to the Oxford Dictionary, it's a result given by dividing one quantity by another. This suggests that there is a baseline, or a yardstick, from which the result is worked out. So, we could be high on the measurement, or low, or in between.

The Heart Math Institute looked at children who grew up to have a good E.Q. They were emotionally stable, & made good choices, They had happier, and therefore better, lives. One of the most important findings was that instant gratification in childhood did not produce a good E.Q. A child who could happily wait to have things, would grow up to having a good E.Q: e.g. getting a bike for their next birthday, rather than having legendary tantrums or bullying, & then getting their bike pronto. When we bring up our children to expect instant gratification, we unfortunately are teaching them that bullying gets us what we want. These people then become mean adults. They do not have a good E.Q. And, with a ripple effect, the people around them do not have a good life either.

So, with our children, & also with ourselves, we can work on being happy whilst we wait for something. For example, a couple of nice biscuits after the child, or ourselves, have done a chore...or, even, for no reason...let's wait an hour. And, it helps, according to the research, to make sure that, for example, the biscuits aren't in sight during the waiting.We can train the children, & ourselves, to look be positive whilst we look forward to something.

When our emotional quotient is at a good level, it has been found (by the Institute), that we make better choices. There is a basic technique which the Institute uses to reconnect with our heart. Our amazing heart which has a conscience in it. It has love in it. It has emotional intelligence in it. For quite some years now, I've taught a yogified Heart math technique, involving the trigger point for the heart chakra, the mantra for soothing our psyche & therefore the heart, & a special symbol from the heart chakra which is at the very core of our essence, & I based it on the actual baseline Heart Math technique.

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