30 November 2012

More about Mooladhara Chakra

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In the aura, and also within the Inner Realms, one can come to realise that this is the chakra which dictates, and reveals, how we are 'walking' through life, our physical stance, attitude, what we see/don't see, on our journey. Usually we are really unaware of how these aspects are truly manifesting, as we are dealing here with unconscious behaviour, meaning that we are unconscious of the drives and hidden causes of that behaviour. And, this makes some serious unconscious destructive behaviours and responses, difficult to manage. Mooladhara  houses our instinctive responses and they manifest physically, ie behaviour.         
These behaviours are due to deeply ingrained reactions from trauma: from this life, past lives. And, we develop some sort of instinctive behavioural response. This is not something that we can sort out logically, especially if it's buried deep as a result of past life trauma. But.......there are some wonderful happenings, therapies, techniques, these days which can effect great healing for lesser trauma.

And when we talk about trauma, it's not something silly like not getting what you want, or someone being mean to you. No, it's physical abuse, sexual abuse, war, living in terror, awful things happening to oneself or our children. If your previous life was filled with terror and violence, and you are now always depressed, or have something like fear of going out, repeated nightmares...but you have no idea of that previous life, how would psycho-analysis or behavioural therapy, or counselling, nlp,...... the last goes on.......how would these resolve the natural reactions within your psyche??

So, what can we do?? Part of our Dharma, our destiny, is to deal with these deep seated behaviours and responses. But how??

I recommend Yoga Nidra, an ancient tantric technique. Nidra means sleep. Ideally, the consciousness remains alert while the body sleeps. but what really happens is that one is moving freely through and between conscious, subconscious,and unconscious areas of mind.

Whilst doing yoga nidra, the aura vibrates exactly the same as when healing is done in the aura, so it is an healing modality. Deep seated tensions and issues seem to leave the psyche. As this happens, one's energy is gently released, the consciousness expands, allowing those 'issues' buried deep within us to gently depart. Usually it doesn't happen in one go!!

Daily tensions, cares and worries disappear. Subconscious influences from this life and others, leave us. When symbols or chakra related experiences emerge, briefly, an indeterminate amount of karma leaves: this is from the unconscious realms.

This technique is best done regularly, listening to a recording. For, it can take a long time to train oneself to delve deep into the different areas of mind whilst lying down, so a tape is good, you can order mine from: http://www.motherandchild.co.nz/shop.html

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