17 January 2014

and.... while we're at it....more heart

Anahata chakra is the heart chakra. Situated deep inside the spine, directly behind the trigger point (a trigger point for a chakra is called a khestram) for Anahata. It resides in a deep space called Hridayakasha. An akasha is a (deep) space. Inside Hridayakasha, is our destiny...so this is Big. And inside Anahata chakra, is where we come to meet our individual Soul. Our Soul is not what we think, feel, want, look like. It is something way Higher than that.

There must always be a physical correspondence with the spiritual...that's how it works. The 1st physical happening when the entity starts it's evolvement (after the sexual act & union of sperm & ova), is a heartbeat. And everything that is created, from a star to the tiniest thing, has a heartbeat, starts with a heartbeat. A lifetime ends when the heart stops beating. So, our physical heart is intimately connected with our destiny.

As one spiritually progresses up through the 3 lower chakras, there will be an awakening also of the kundalini energy. This is a major happening. For anyone who thinks that their kundalini has awakened, & it wasn't major......um.....then maybe it didn't actually awaken. And, 99.999% of us will need to have an awakened kundalini & progress up through these chakras to get to Anahata.

I find that there is so much confusion, so many strange concepts about this chakra. Anahata chakra contains an infinite source of true love. Not to be confused with sex. Love for all beings. Love for the Divine aspects. The Cosmic Divine Love enters Anahata chakra, it descends 'from above'. So, we have Love from the greatest source, & from within. At this point, one is still very human.....so we still have our feelings. Our feelings come from this lifetime, & from strong past-life experience. In Anahata chakra, our feelings are less important, when people arrive at Anahata, they actually 'get over themselves'; they know that everything is not about them.

I have heard of people teaching about the passion contained in Anahata. I find this a strange idea. Passion comes from Swadhisthana chakra: sacral/2nd chakra. The energy of Anahata is experienced & expressed differently from the energy of Swadhisthana. And I've also heard that people teach about 'the fire at Anahata'. The Inner Fire (yes, it does exist!) is not in Anahata. It is in Manipura, the navel/3rd chakra.

In Anahata, there is a small golden, completely still flame. To have this flame reveal itself...as opposed to just visualising it...is a momentous spiritual happening, for it is the flame of the Soul.

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