18 October 2015

more emotions

Often, a spiritual seeker is advised to "be aware". Great advice. Sometimes we translate this as being "be aware of what's happening inside of oneself: emotions etc".  When this is done, intensely, 24/7, I feel, & have observed, after decades on the spiritual path, that this is a fast route to craziness & self absorption.

Rather, be aware of what emotions come up in a situation, with other people, & act on what those emotions are "telling" you. Be aware of what you are doing. If you are hitting a nail with a hammer that you are holding....to be aware of your feelings & not your hammer & nail, would no doubt lead to physical pain. If you are cleaning...be aware of what you are doing.

When you are meditating, let the thoughts, the feelings, the pictures, be like passing scenery, be relaxed. Be the silent witness, let it all come & go. When we "power up" in meditation, we tend to get a bit nutty. All the techniques work...we don't need to make them "better" by making them more intense. People often do this to get a "high". What for? Yoga & other spiritual paths are not about getting "high" as though we are taking drugs.

When we apply this same relaxed approach to being aware of our thoughts, & feelings in our daily life, many of them will "wash over" us...come & go...like passing scenery. Those thoughts, those emotions that keep coming up over & over, they indicate that we need to have a look at why they keep coming up. It could be that we are in the wrong situation. It could be from unresolved trauma.

I am so over the tendency in spirituality of "shaming"...emotion shaming, chakra shaming, guna shaming, karma shaming, silly mean comments about others. None of these are spiritual, they are just mean. We need to remove ourselves from those who do this.

Often, spiritual seekers promote themselves as "being above" having feelings, wants, likes & dislikes...unless such a person is demonstrating by their behaviour that they are not affected by them...then I truly doubt that such a person is that way.

Deep in Ajna chara, the 3rd eye, is the Ocean of Samskaras. A pitch black, moving ocean, with waves. These waves are the restless thoughts, feelings, that we have buried inside of us...never sleeping, always there. From many millenia ago to this present life. Ajna chakra takes a while to fully awaken in all it's glory, no matter what else you may have been led to believe, & even then, there are still these deeply buried samskaras. Therefore, I surmise that someone who would like you to believe that this is not so, that they do not have these latent fluctuations...does not exist in our society.

But.....spirituality does, & should, lead us to be able to live a life where we are not so controlled by our own tendencies, our own wants, likes & dislikes. Many of these will drop away. If we have an incarnation on this planet of blue, then the wants, the urges, to do with our destiny, whether we know them or not, (generally we don't know...some people do, most don't), then these urges will propel us to fulfill our destiny. It's no use thinking that we are so evolved that we don't have to follow the prescribed destiny.

Because....we aren't. And we do have to fulfill our destiny.

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