11 March 2016

swadhisthaana & tantra

We can feel little "heartbeat" movements at the khstrams, which are the trigger points for the chakras. The khstram for swadhisthaana is on the pubic bone, & the lips of the mouth are also trigger points. The lips can swell, tingle, which is quite in keeping of this chakra, for taste is related to swadhisthaana chakra. An exquisite, intoxicating taste at the upper back of the mouth, manifests. This is Lalana chakra, which has a direct relationship with Visshuddhi, the throat chakra. Inside Visshuddhi is a full moon. So the throat chakra also has an intimate relationship with the sacral chakra, swadhisthaana.

At the sacral chakra, once we are established in it, we do not have much of an appetite, mainly due to the fulfilling nectar that we constantly experience here. But also because of the intense new world of this chakra where everything is so intense, & we can be so happy here, so we don't have such a need for needing food sustenance. 

I know that people wll say that this chakra is to do with passion in the form of food, drink, sex.....but when I hear a person express this, then I know for sure that they do not truly know the reality of this chakra. The passion is actually here at this chakra...but not so much in this way. It is the passion of expression in all of the life. We are passionate about everything.

This chakra is about self power emerging & we express it through this intense passion: our beliefs, our work, our spiritual journey, our life, everything. When we move past this chakra, there will always be a longing to return to the joy of expression, because from manipura onwards.....it's more about the spiritual realms & less about oneself. 

There is so much misunderstanding about this chakra...yes, sex is part of passion, & yes, both mooladhara & swadhisthaana chakras are intimately connected with the sexual organs. And I know that the west has had a fascination with "tantra"....& almost always meaning "tantric sex"....& that, as part of tantra, it is  said that we must "go through" with the longings (of everything but especially sex!!) & arise like a phoenix from the ashes when we have "exhausted" our desires. I am talking modern spiritual lingo just now, & yes, some of it is from one of the exalted ashrams of India. 

Sex is a part of life, it is part of the human experience, it is part of the physical, mental & emotional needs of each of us, as adults. And tantric sex is profound & can be the gateway to Higher Experience when done with love. I hear so many weird things about tantric sex that I veer between being concerned, laughing, & being fed up about it. So many misconceptions. 

One is non-ejaculation by men. Saving their "essence" ie semen. The body fluids do have a spiritual essence in them, but saving one's essence is something else, it is not to do with semen. In tantric sex one is able to delay gratification to prolong the sexual & spiritual experience. But ejaculation by both sexes most likely will occur. But not always. 

I once had a dog who almost died from kidney problems due to a build-up of testosterone. He leaked from his bladder & smelt dreadful, & was so unhappy. I still feel ashamed that I let that happen. Whenever I hear about non-ejaculation as a way of life for spiritual "tantric" reasons...I think of what happened to our dog. I guess in relating this that I am trying to express a caution about modern day myths regarding sex...and tantra.

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